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Medical Profile Edit

  • Patient is in moderately good health despite his gluttonous consumption of fine cuisine, expensive liquor, and chain-smoking of cigars and cigarettes.
  • Patient's corpulence & short height causes him to walk with a distinct waddle.
  • Patient's vision is 20/20 but due to constant use of a monocle, patient's left eye squints involuntarily when the monocle is removed.

Psychological Profile Edit

  • Despite being a transfer from Blackgate, I have discovered that patient is a high-functioning schizotype with a number of interesting psychological quirks. For instance, he speaks with British inflection despite being a Gotham native, feels compelled to wear a tuxedo or tailored clothing, has an obsessive need carry an umbrella when outdoors, and has an ornithological obsession
  • Patient tends to flaunt his wealth & seeks to surround himself with women in an effort to compensate for his other perceived shortcomings.

Behavior Profile Edit

  • Patient is well-connected with many prominent figures in Gotham City's high society, which he is not above reminding you... constantly.
  • Patient's connections have managed to secure him trustee status and a job in the Asylum library - Watch patient closely at work, it is likely he uses his job's access to other patients to arrange favors and pursue his own agenda.[1]
  • Threat Assignment: Moderate
  • Treatment Ranking: 1-Compliant

Trivia and Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He endorsed Sebastian Hady during the election.
  • He was given a trustee status and a trustee housing.

Notes Edit

  • Penguin's Patient number (#61992) is a nod the year of the debut of the movie Batman Returns, June, 1992, where the Penguin is the main villain.

Links and References Edit

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