Organizations and Teams

Political Organizations

  • Conservative Party: Political party.
  • Liberal Party: Political party.
  • Progressive Party: Political party.

Properties (Pastiche)

  • AberrantDevelopments: Online artwork community (parody of Deviantart)
  • Caper: Dating app, catering to the superhero community, run by Kord Omniversal (parody of Tinder).
  • Chocos: Cookies, owned by Kord Omniversal (parody of Oreos)
  • Crypts & Chimeras: Roleplaying game. (parody of Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Cybergram: Social media platform (pastiche of Instagram)
  • Digbuild: Video game (pastiche of Minecraft)
  • FaceSpace: Social media platform (parody of Facebook and MySpace).
  • GrubDump: App (parody of Grubhub).
  • Happy Street: Show (parody of Sesame Street).
  • Joy Cat: Cartoon character (parody of Hello Kitty).
  • Loot n Shoot: Video game (pastiche of Fortnite)
  • MeVids: Website (parody of YouTube).
  • Morley: Cigarettes (parody of Marlboro).
  • Music Meister: Media player (parody of iTunes)
  • Sentries of the Last Cosmos: Video game.
  • Smirky: Snack (parody of Mars )
  • Snackfact: App (parody of Yelp).
  • Spiffy: Cake (parody of Twinkie).
  • Tempo: Magazine (parody of Time).
  • WCDB (Web-Cinema Data Base): Internet website (parody of IMDB).
  • Webpix: Streaming service (parody of Netflix).


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