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  • Cole Cash: [vorpal crackle, vnnnnn, vorpal snap, stumbling footsteps, gasp, cough, gasp, cough] What the hell was that? [gasp, cough] Where the hell are we?
  • Lucy Blaze: [scoff, footsteps] Void teleported you. The Metropolitan Halo Tower. Don't be alarmed by the smell, that's normal.
  • Cole Cash: [cough] Smell? [frantic breathing, cough, cough, sniff, silence: 2.4 seconds, cough, sniff, sniff] Why the hell does it smell like peaches?
  • Void: That's the byproduct of vorpal energy manipulation... at least my personal residue. I hope the aroma is not too overpowering.
  • Cole Cash: Yeah, it's strong... but I like pea- What the hell am I saying? What the hell is going on here?
  • Jacob Marlowe: [beep, elevator doors open, footsteps: 2 instances] Ah, perfect! You found him! I hope he wasn't too much trouble...
  • Lucy Blaze: [scoff, footsteps] He tried to shoot me. [clatter] Here is his gun.
  • Jack Marlowe: It looks like he was successful... Your sweater.
  • Lucy Blaze: Huh? Well, I'll be... Oh, well. No bother. I didn't even notice.
  • Jacob Marlowe: Hmm... Good thing he wasn't using armor piercing rounds then, eh, Zannah? [chuckle, footsteps] Mr. Cash, allow me to introduce-
  • Cole Cash: You're kidding me, right? You're Jacob Marlowe... We've met.
  • Jacob Marlowe: Yes... We have. Sorry, but I was actually going to introduce you to my associates. The beauty with the red coat is Zannah.
  • Lucy Blaze: [chuckle]
  • Jacob Marlowe: The blue-eyed lass is Void.
  • Void: I am most pleased to make your acquaintance, Lieutenant Cash.
  • Jacob Marlowe: And this strapping fellow standing behind me is-
  • Cole Cash: I've seen the news once or twice. I know that's Jack Marlowe. Your son...
  • Jack Marlowe: [chuckle] Actually, the name's Hadrian... at least in this company.
  • Cole Cash: What? What kind of- No! I don't care. I don't care if you were Santa Claus and she was the Easter Bunny. I just want to know what this has to do with me?
  • Jacob Marlowe: Here... Let me lead with this. Jack? That paper? You have it? [fabric shifting, paper rustling] Ah, yes... Here you go. Read this. [footsteps, paper rustling]
  • Cole Cash: What is this? [paper rustling, quiet mumbling]
  • Jacob Marlowe: What you're reading- [footsteps] is your Presidential pardon for your charge of desertion contingent on your employment with the Halo Corporation.
  • Cole Cash: My employment with- What? Why? What the hell is this? [paper rustling] Why do you want to help me and why did you send Khaleesi here to beat me up?
  • Jacob Marlowe: [chuckle] Zannah? Is this true? Did you accost him?
  • Lucy Blaze: He's a baby... I merely sprained his wrist, dislocated his shoulder, and pistol whipped him with his own gun once... or twice.
  • Jacob Marlowe: I told you not to hurt- [sigh] Void, could you fill our friend in?
  • Void: [footsteps, vorpal crackle, vnnnnn] What you are looking at is the planet of Khera, seat of the Kheran Empire. Birthplace of Lord Emp, Lady Zannah, and Yon Kohl. [vnnnnn] These are the Daemonites. The mortal enemy of the Kheran Empire. They thrive by parasitic means. [vnnnnn] Earth is infested with Daemonites... but you knew that. Didn't you?
  • Cole Cash: [gasp, footsteps] No [expletive] way. These things are real? I... I thought I was dreaming... Wait... If they're real... [angry growl] They did this to me? Didn't they?!
  • Void: [vnnnnn] Most Daemonites have sworn allegiance to this being, Helspont. [vnnnnn] Helspont believes that metahumans are his race's key to conquering the galaxy. He had his agents develop a synthetic meta-gene and you were one of their initial test subjects. [vnnnnn] My friends are Kheran. We can help you with your problem, if you help us with ours.
  • Cole Cash: [sigh] Okay... sure... but... uh... I need a drink.
  • Jacob Marlowe: Ah! Excellent, Cole. Come with me. I know just the thing you need.

Trivia and Notes

  • Story continues from Oracle Files: Emp.
  • The official formation of the current WildCATs.
  • Cole referring to Zannah as "Khaleesi" is a reference to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

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