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  • Deacon: If we want to send a message to Batman, warning him to stay out of our affairs, we strike at where it hurts the most.
  • Saint: Absolutely not. I will not endanger the children that follow him... There's been enough young blood on our hands as of late. No more!
  • Deacon: I do not suggest harming the misguided youth. That's why I supported your decision to disband the Kid Wonders. No, what I suggest is we strike at his support network. We take out his supply line. We cut holes in his purse and let the money run dry.
  • Speed Demon: Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? [expletive]! You are, aren't you?
  • Saint: You want to sever the ralationship between Batman and the Wayne Foundation, the charity that supports his crusade? Impossible.
  • Deacon: No. not the charity... the man. We take out Bruce Wayne.
  • Flamebird: Whoa there. I don't think so. That's my cousin. No way! We're not killing my [expletive] cousin.
  • The Scourge: Agreed. Few people have done more for this city than Bruce Wayne. We kill him and we've got more blood on our hands than just his.
  • Speed Demon: Yeah, that guy's pretty much single-handedly funding the GCPD and Arkham to the point they can actually handle this city's whack-jobs.
  • Deacon: We don't need to kill him. just send him a message... Stop sponsoring Batman, or suffer the consequences.
  • Saint: It wouldn't work. No way Bruce Wayne pulls his support from Batman. Trust me. It won't [expletive] happen... and even if it could work, it is an empty threat. I don't care for empty threats. It makes us look weak if they call out our bluff. I don't like looking weak, Deacon.
  • Deacon: We're at war with Batman, whether you like it or not. We cannot stand idle! This is war for Gotham... for our survival even.
  • Speed Demon: Look, I don't know... Maybe making peace with Batman is the right thing to do? I mean, Batman's one of the good guys. if we keep at this war we're having, how are we any different than Black Mask, Joker, Two-Face, or the League of [expletive] Assassins?
  • Saint: Agreed. While I need time to consider where we go, I'm saying no to this direct attack on Bruce Wayne. Maybe peace is the right path.
  • Deacon: Mark my words. This is a mistake...

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