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  • Wonder Woman: I would like to thank you, Batman. Your help in this matter is very appreciated. We have little need for a detective in Themyscira.
  • Batman: Thank you, Diana. I am happy to help in any way I can. Is this where the suspect was last seen?
  • Requiem: No. He was last seen falling out of that window... after I shot him with an arrow... Diana, is it really necessary to bring him into the palace?
  • Darkstar: Andraste, sister... Please, show him some respect. Batman is no ordinary man. He is as much a hero as my father, or Jason, or-
  • Requiem: [scoff] Achilles?
  • Darkstar: How dare you [swords unsheathing, metallic clanks, rushed footsteps]
  • Wonder Woman: Andraste! Donna! Stop this at once. I am mother's chosen heir and therefore, I am regent in her absence. It is in my power to have you both-
  • Batman: It is quite already, Diana. I am done here.
  • Requiem: Done?
  • Darkstar: That was fast.
  • Requiem: Most men are, Donna... you'll learn that one day when you're a real woman. And no, that wasn't a compliment, Batman.
  • Wonder Woman: Ignore her... What did you find, Batman?
  • Batman: See this? Small traces here, between the tiles, in the mortar. It looks like blood, but it isn't. I already had it analyzed and I have a match.
  • Requiem: And? Who is responsible for my queen's kidnapping?
  • Batman: Not who... but what... The substance is a type of lubricant used almost exclusively on creations of Anthony Ives. Also known as-
  • Wonder Woman: Professor Ivo. So, then the thing that kidnapped my mother was none other AMAZO?
  • Batman: It would seem so. I heard a rumor that Ivo's set up shop near Midway. I'll have Carter and Shiera look into it until I can get there...
  • Wonder Woman: Very well. I'd say we could take my jet, but I know yours is faster. Shall we go then?
  • Batman: No, Diana. You stay here and keep your sisters from killing each other. The League will find your mother, Diana. I promise.

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