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  • Cyborg: Alright, Team... Since Red Robin and Aqualad are away doing other stuff, I am going to be overseeing the Team. First up, I need to know where we stand on our HIVE investigation.
  • Wally West: Uh, yeah... quick question... Why is Artie here?
  • Billy Batson: [whisper enhancement:] Dude, she doesn't go by that anymore. Remember? She's-
  • Red Tornado: Actually, Billy... 'Artie' is just a portmanteau of the letters 'R' and 'T' which, in my case, stand for Red Tornado, which is still one of my identifiers, so... by extension, Artie is still correct.
  • Billy Batson: [gasp] Artie stood for RT? Ah, now it all makes sense... I was wondering why 'Artie'...
  • Courtney Whitmore: [gasp] It's a good thing you're cute, dear.
  • Wally West: [gasp] Too bad that Wisdom of Solomon is only for the Cap, huh? Billy sure could use it.
  • Cyborg: Anyway, to answer Wally's question... Red here will be accompanying you three on a mission. But before I give you the details for that, would someone like to tell me where we stand on-
  • Courtney Whitmore: Okay, I got a question, too. Isn't Red a sorta well-known member of the Justice League? Won't her presence sorta make it difficult for the League to deny their involvement if things get hinky?
  • Red Tornado: I will be using me new incognito mode, Courtney, while accompanying you.
  • Billy Batson: How come Courtney never worries about me tagging along? I mean, I am Captain Marvel!
  • Cyborg: Will someone please just tell me where we stand on the HIVE investigation?

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