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Oracle Files: Red Tornado (1/3)



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  • Cyborg: Hey, Tornado... What's cracking?
  • Red Tornado: Hello Victor. I was not expecting to see you today. What brings you here?
  • Cyborg: Aquaman talked me into covering for him with today's training session. So who is here today?
  • Red Tornado: Roy, Jason, and Donna. I was expecting Helena and Karen as well, yet at this time, they have not arrived.
  • Cyborg: Wow. An empty Tower today almost. That's got to get boring.
  • Red Tornado: Not particularly. There is much to be done, regardless of the number of occupants here. For instance, there are still doors that need to be secured, computer networks to back-up, rooms to clean, supplies to acquire and sort, and of course vehicles to refuel and maintain. There is also the need to be present to keep watch of the Tower.
  • Cyborg: Man, you need a hobby. Have you considered watching a movie every now and then?
  • Red Tornado: Interesting. I suppose I could do such a thing in these quieter moments. It may help me understand the references that my charges are often making. It would help me not be so... confused? I will take your advice into consideration.
  • Cyborg: [chuckle] Great! Just don't start with Terminator? Alright? Maybe... start with the Iron Giant?
  • Red Tornado: Interesting. I can see logic in your suggestions upon review of the films' respective synopses.
  • Robin: [footsteps] Hey Vic! We were just heading to the pool. Whoa, wait... If you're here, that mean no Aquaman today?
  • Cyborg: Nah, we're playing with hardware in the workshop!
  • Speedy: Dang... I was hoping to see Donna in her bikini.
  • Wonder Girl: What's a bikini?
  • Red Tornado: Perhaps I could be of service, Donna. The bikini is a two-piece style of bathing suit for women.
  • Wonder Girl: Oh, yeah... No, in Themyscira we do not bathe in clothing. We disrobe entirely.
  • Speedy: [whimper] Cyborg... I hate you so much right now!

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Red Tornado.

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