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  • Zatanna: [wind rushing] The Hall of Justice? You brought me here? Wait... Why is Midnite here... and where is John?
  • Doctor Fate: You may relax, Daughter of Zatara. The Laughing Magician is a clever, if crude sort. He will not be harmed. I have brought the Necromancer here so that he may be given what is his. Kryptonian? We are over here.
  • Superman: [wind rushing] Zatanna... I see that Fate found you.
  • Zatanna: What's going on here, Superman?
  • Superman: [sigh] I don't like this anymore than you do, Zatanna, but... It has to be-
  • Zatanna: What? What had to be? What the hell is going on here? Wait, Robin? Where did you get that thing?!
  • Papa Midnite: Ah, I see... The boy there. He has mah rifle. Excellent. Hand it to me, boy. Come to Papa.
  • Sorry, Zee. Catwoman owed us a favor... Now, Midnite, you want your stupid gun, tell us how to find Batman!
  • Zatanna: You're trading the Ace of Winchesters over to this madman for intel on Batman?
  • Doctor Fate: It is most concerning that this knowledge is concealed from my gaze, Daughter of Zatara. There is dark magic at work.
  • Zatanna: Yes! Probably his dark magic! And by giving him that rifle, you're only going to make him more powerful!
  • Superman: I'm sorry, Zatanna... Batman means more to the League... the world, than this one antique rifle.
  • Papa Midnite: Wooiii, [chuckle] It's been fun doin' bus'ness wit' you. Now for the rodent... has you tried callin' him? [chuckle]
  • Robin: What the hell is that supposed to mean? Of course we tried, he's not answer-
  • Papa Midnite: No, no, no. That won't do at all. Wrong kind of carrier, my boy. Try my phone...
  • Robin: Uh... That's a skull.
  • Zatanna: Worse. It's his sister's... Long story. Wait, Midnite, are you saying that Batman is dead?
  • Papa Midnite: Nah, not dead. Not yet. No. He's jus' inna bad cross is all. He's alive, jus' 'is spirit is stuck. Trapped outside the body.
  • Superman: [growling, wind rushing] How did that happen, magician.
  • Papa Midnite: If you be implyin' that I's did that, I assure you be mistaken. Now, fly down... and let me go. You wrinklin' me suit.
  • Robin: [whisper enhancement:] He's not scared of the Clark?
  • Zatanna: Why would he be? Look, kid, there's evil in this world that even Superman ain't match for.

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