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Oracle Files: Marian Drews (2/2)



  • Ace Chemicals - Rooftop, Gotham City, NJ
  • April 1st 2012, 0007 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Hellequin: [frantic footsteps: 2 instances] Mistah J, it's a dead end!
  • Joker: I can see that, Harley! Give me some time to think this through... Hmm...
  • Hellequin: [sniff] [weakly:] It's Helle, Mistah J...
  • Joker: Speak up, dammit! You know I hate it when you mumble, Harley...
  • Hellequin: [grapple] [loud:] Is this loud enough for you? Huh? Is it?! I'm Helle! [clatter scoff] That's Harley!
  • Harley Quinn: Wow... [footsteps: 3 instances] Color me impressed. I like your style, kid.
  • Hellequin: Thanks. Back at you, toots.
  • Poison Ivy: Harley... Remember why we're here.
  • Harley Quinn: [throat clears] Right... Step aside, girly. You're not my problem. He is.
  • Hellequin: [scoff] I can't let you have my Puddin'...
  • Harley Quinn: [scoff] Your Puddin'? Are you serious? [loudly:] He was mine long before you came along, honey!
  • Poison Ivy: [sigh] Harley... You're over him. Remember?
  • Harley Quinn: [scoff] Did you hear her, though? She said he was her Puddin'! Her Puddin'! [growl] The nerve!
  • Catwoman: She can have him, though... Right? Think about it, Harley... He never did anything good for you.
  • Joker: That's not true... Go on. Tell them Harley...
  • Harley Quinn: I would, Mistah J... Cross my heart and all, but... gee, I'm havin' a helluva time thinkin' of one.
  • Joker: [scoff] You insufferable ingrate! [footsteps, clatter]
  • Poison Ivy: [footsteps, vegetation rapidly sprouts, gasp, clatter, thud] Uh-oh... You won't ever lay a hand on Harley ever again... You hear me?
  • Joker: [scoff, tongue click] Ivy... What's gotten into you? Unhand... err... unvine me and cease this foolery.
  • Poison Ivy: Harley, I'm bored of this. Care to say anything to your ex before I cast him over this railing?
  • Harley Quinn: Uh... Well... Uh...
  • Joker: Harley?! [chuckle] Come on now... Let's reasonable here... [vegetation shifting] [shout:] Harley!
  • Harley Quinn: Yeah?
  • Joker: [scoff] I'm not talking to you, ingrate! Harley! Grab a weed-whacker or something and help me out here!
  • Harley Quinn: [scoff, footsteps] She's not Harley! I'm Harley! [scoff] You know what? [spit, splatter] Bon voyage!
  • Poison Ivy: Happy April Fools' Day, Joker... [vegetation shifting, whoosh]
  • Joker: [fading scream:] Harley! Don't just stand there! Help me! [distant splash]
  • Catwoman: Uh... I think he was talking to you there.
  • Hellequin: [scoff] Was he now? Hmm... Funny. I didn't hear my name. [sauntering footsteps] You gonna throw me over, too?
  • Poison Ivy: Harley? What do you say??
  • Harley Quinn: Eh... Let her go, Red... This time she earns a pass... [scoff, footsteps] The clown's all yours, babe... but if I ever hear you using the name Harley, I swear I'll find you and I'll tear those pigtails right off your head. Got me?!
  • Hellequin: I can live with that. [giggle] Until next time? [sauntering footsteps]
  • Harley Quinn: [loudly:] Oh and you can tell the Joker I'm keeping the hyenas! You hear me?!

Trivia and Notes


  • Harley keeps two hyenas as pets. Their names are Bud and Lou.

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