Kyle Rayner 2

Oracle Files: Kyle Rayner (2/2)



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  • Booster Gold: [thud] Ow... My ribs... my back... my everything...
  • Black Canary: Who's next? What? None of you big tough men dare step into the ring with me?
  • Kyle Rayner: For the record, I never claimed to be either big or tough... Where are you getting this info?
  • Guy Gardner: It's not that I'm scared, cuz I ain't. I was just taught to not hit a lady.
  • Black Canary: [scoff] Is that your excuse for letting Cheshire escape last week?
  • Guy Gardner: No ma'am. She's a criminal. That's different.
  • Black Canary: Then if it helps, you can pretend I'm a bad girl, Guy...
  • Kyle Rayner: Anyone else uncomfortable by how she just did that thing with her hair just now?
  • Booster Gold: [groan] I know I probably got a broken rib, but I'd be willing to engage in this roleplay!
  • Guy Gardner: If you insist. [sigh] But, for the record, I just want it to be known that I'm against hitting women.
  • Black Canary: [scoff] If you can hit me, I'll remember it was against your will.
  • Kyle Rayner: Sick burn.
  • Guy Gardner: Shut up, Kyle... before I cream you.
  • Black Canary: Okay... We can do that instead if you rather.
  • Kyle Rayner: Wait, what?

Trivia and Notes

  • Black Canary training other members of the League is a reference to the Young Justice TV series.

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