Klarion the Witch-Boy

Oracle Files: Klarion the Witch-Boy



  • Crucible, Georgia
  • October 13th 2016, 0000 EST

VOX Archive

  • Stargirl: [sidereal thrum] Well this is just disturbing.
  • Klarion: Oh, Teekl... Look at that... It's the Star-Spangled Brat.
  • Teekl: Meow.
  • Stargirl: [sidereal thrum, footsteps, staff twirling] It's Stargirl now, Pilgrim-Boy.
  • Klarion: I... I am not a pilgrim!
  • STRIPES: [VTOL jets, whoosh, loud footsteps] But you are definitely a boy and it's past your curfew, kid. You're under arrest.
  • Stargirl: Yeah, it's also totally uncool for you to be digging up graves at this time of night anyway. Not to mention gross.
  • Klarion: I do not subscribe to your laws or rules for decency! [eldritch crackle, eldritch blast]
  • Stargirl: Ha! [sidereal thrum, staff twirling, eldritch crackle] Back at you!
  • Klarion: What the- [eldritch explosion, angry cat hiss, thud, soft thud, groan, cough, footsteps, eldritch crackle] How did you do that?! That's impossible! No mortal instrument could deflect my power! Nothing short of cosmic power could deflect my-
  • Stargirl: Behold my Cosmic Staff, numb nuts!
  • STRIPES: Ahem. Language...
  • Stargirl: Oh, right... Sorry. [nervous giggle]
  • Klarion: Ah, I see now. Such a truly remarkable creation. that will do nicely... Teekl, fetch!
  • Teekl: Meow! [rapid padded footsteps, hiss, scratch, pained hiss, sidereal thrum, sidereal blast, angry cat hiss, soft bounce, soft thud]
  • Stargirl: Ow... Did you- Did you tell your cat to claw me? Not cool, dude! And not to mention pointless, some cat ain't taking my staff.
  • Klarion: No... If it truly is cosmic in nature, it will not relinquish its wielder so easily, which is why you're going to give it to me. aren't you?
  • Stargirl: [scoff] No! No, I would never- [silence: 2 seconds, stumbling footsteps] Suddenly I don't feel so... [footsteps] What am I doing?
  • STRIPES: Hey, kid... My sensors indicate some foreign contaminants in your wound- Kid? Stargirl? Court, snap out of it! [blasters charging]

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