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  • Batgirl: Wonder Woman… You look lost. Which is weird considering you spend more time in the Hall of Justice than anyone.
  • Wonder Woman: I was showing a new guy around… and I seem to have misplaced him. Have you seen him?
  • Batgirl: The League got a new guy? I hadn’t heard. But then again, Bruce never tells me anything… (scoff)
  • Wonder Woman: I’m sensing that’s why you’re here instead of Gotham, fighting crime with the Caped Crusader?
  • Batgirl: Bingo. So, what’s the new guy like?
  • Wonder Woman: In a word? Peculiar… but enough about him. Why come to the Hall of Justice and not try to work things out with Batman?
  • Batgirl: I called Superman. He told me if I met him here, he’d drop Kara off and we could work through our teenage drama together.
  • Wonder Woman: Ah, wonderful. I must admit, I wish I could join you two, then. It sounds like a most thrilling aftern-
  • Superman: (wind rushes) Alright, Kara… You two be careful out there. Stay inside the Continental US this time, if you would, please.
  • Supergirl: Sure thing, Kal. Hey Batsie. You ready to par-tay? I know a good place in Edge City we can go rough up some gunrunners.
  • Superman: Gunrunners? Whoa, whoa, no, no, no! Kara! Barbara isn’t bulletproo-
  • Captain Marvel: (wind rushes) Oh, whoa, no way! Batgirl, and Supergirl too! Soo sweet! Can I get your autograph? Wait, do you guys do autographs?
  • Wonder Woman: Batgirl, Supergirl, meet Captain Marvel. He’s the recruit I was telling Batgirl about. Captain Marvel, I’m sorry but the girls were leaving-
  • Captain Marvel: Yeah? Where are they going? Are we going? My first day and already a team-up! Schweet! Oh, Supergirl, I like the red suit! Nice!
  • Supergirl: Uh… Thanks? So...yeah… Batgirl and I were going to smash up some gunrunners in Edge City.
  • Captain Marvel: (excited laughter) So wicked! Hey, can I come with you? Puh-leeze?
  • Supergirl: Sure… I guess. You can carry Batgirl, she can’t fly and hates it when I carry her. I think she’s afraid to admit she likes it… a lot.
  • Batgirl: I nev-
  • Captain Marvel: Sure! I can do that! I’d love to carry Batgirl! (gaspy shriek) Let’s go! Last one to Edge City is a rotten egg! Speed of Mercury!
  • Wonder Woman: Actually, Captain, we’re not done with the tour- (wind rushes)

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