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  • Supergirl: What’s this device? A bat-bomb?
  • Barbara Gordon: It’s a tape recorder.
  • Supergirl: A what?
  • Barbara Gordon: Seriously? It… Uh… It records our voices.
  • Supergirl: Oh. Yeah? I think Martha Kent has one just like this. I usually just use my phone.
  • Barbara Gordon: You’re kind of obnoxious.
  • Supergirl: I have been told that. So, you call me here… to… where is here?
  • Barbara Gordon: It’s Gotham’s Old Clocktower… and before you ask, it tells time.
  • Supergirl: I just use my phone for that, too.
  • Barbara Gordon: Yeah, so outdated tech is kind of why I want to talk to you, Karen. I take it you saw what happened to Jason… What Joker did-
  • Supergirl: I saw it. Kal-El says I can’t join “Thrillkiller”. Says I’m too young.
  • Barbara Gordon: Thrillkiller is about retaliation, Karen. I’m talking about prevention. I want to prevent this from happening again.
  • Supergirl: And how do we do that?
  • Barbara Gordon: The way I see it, your limited grasp of Kryptonian computer programming is still more advanced than the cutting edge of what we have on Earth. So, if you help me build a custom O.S., a rig that will run it, and teach me how to operate it… I will be able to not only stop this from happening again in Gotham, but anywhere else in the world… What do you think?
  • Supergirl: With consciousness a security measure? Okay, I’m in. Y’know with the analytical power of a computer this magnitude, you’ll be able to predict the future if you wanted to.
  • Barbara Gordon: Then that’s what you’ll call me! Future Girl! No… Wait… Oracle.
  • Supergirl: Oracle? Hmm… Well, let’s just build the machine and then we’ll worry about getting you a decent name.

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