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Oracle Files: Greg Macendale (1/2)



VOX Archive

  • Giganta: Uh... Artemis? We have unauthorized Zeta-Beam access incoming in the main hall.
  • Tigress: Well, who is it? Wait... Wally is in the main hall. On screen. [Zeta-Beam distortion, whirring, energy blast, ice crystallizing] Impulse! No! Sound an alarm. I'll intercept. [rapid footsteps, door opens, rapid footsteps, quiet footsteps, sliding on concrete floor, quiet footsteps]
  • Joker: Hello? Anyone home... besides the icicle? [maniacal laughter] My, my... What is this place? This can't be the Watchtower...
  • Mister Freeze: Astute observation. This place is decidedly terrestrial. I believe we're underground somewhere.
  • Joker: We're supposed to be in the Watchtower... Gremlin.
  • Gargoyle: Gargoyle.
  • Joker: Fix this!
  • Tigress: [clatter] Technical problems? Perhaps I can help. I'm pretty good at troubleshooting. [crossbow armed] Or was that shooting trouble makers? Meh...
  • Gargoyle: Easy there, darling... Any idea what happens to Kid Flash-Frozen here if I apply enough force?
  • Joker: Oh! Oh! I know this one! I know it! [chuckle] He'll shatter!
  • Gargoyle: Into a million pieces... Let's put the weapons down and use our brains. Sound good?
  • Tigress: Who are you and what do you want?
  • Gargoyle: You're in the Zeta-Beam access logs, are you not? Give us the codes to the Watchtower.
  • Tigress: Over my dead body.
  • Joker: That can be arranged, Pussycat! [chuckle] You're outnumbered and outgunned... err... out crossbowed.
  • Tigress: Yeah? You think so... Hmm... Well, I guess I can resort to the big guns. [whistle] Giganta!
  • Joker: Gigan-wha?
  • Giganta: [glass shattering, whoosh, bio-fabric stretching, thunderous impact] GIGANTA! [whack, bodies scattered, vibrational speed force energy, ice shattering, wind rush, superfast footfalls, grunt, maniacal laughter, whirring, energy blast, superfast footfalls, jet thrusters, gunfire, smash, explosion]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Greg Macendale/Gargoyle.

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