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  • Halo: Face it, criminal. I got you cornered. Surrender now and you will not be further harmed.
  • Vigilante: The irony... A member of the Outsiders calling me a criminal? How is what I do any different than you and your friends?
  • Halo: We don't harm innocents! Your attacks are reckless and cause a lot of collateral damage.
  • Vigilante: Well, if you want to make an omelet-
  • Flagerethon: [padded footsteps, groan] Ugh... Please don't finish that tired cliche...
  • Vigilante: [chuckle] What the hell is this?
  • Halo: Flag?! You followed me?
  • Flagerethon: Yeah. The scenery was bound to be better watching your behind than staying in that lair.
  • Halo: I appreciate your concern for my safety, but the expression is "watching your back".
  • Flagerethon: Yeah, I know what I said, toots.
  • Vigilante: Is this your kid in a creepy monkey suit? Also, what the hell kind of name is Flag?
  • Flagerethon: Monkey suit... [scoff] I'll have you know that Flag is short for Flagerethon. It's a very distinguished name where I come from.
  • Vigilante: Well, here in Gotham, it sucks.
  • Flagerethon: Yeah? [chuckle] Well, what's yours? V for Viagra?
  • Vigilante: Vigilante.
  • Flagerethon: Vigilante? [mischievous chuckle] That's like me calling myself "Imp" and angel here calling herself "Perfect Ass". Not that creative.
  • Halo: Excuse me... [energy shifting crackle, energy blast, soft object hitting wall, thud, cough, cough] That's for calling me "Perfect Ass".
  • Flagerethon: [scoff, coughing out smoke] Wow! Learn to take a compliment! Oh, now look at what you've done, Muffins! Mr. Creativity's gone.
  • Halo: Wait... What? No! How the- [groan, footsteps] [expletive] [expletive]! I didn't see that vent. [expletive]!

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