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  • Barbara Gordon: You suck.
  • Felicity Smoak: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • Barbara Gordon: I hate the fact you think of yourself as a player.
  • Felicity Smoak: Ouch.
  • Barbara Gordon: Would you like some ointment for that sick burn?
  • Felicity Smoak: No thanks. Any ointment I get from you would be for hemorrhoids.
  • Barbara Gordon: Was that an S.I. joke?
  • Felicity Smoak: What?
  • Barbara Gordon: S.I. stands for spinal injury...
  • Felicity Smoak: No, no... I know that! No, it wasn't a spinal injury-
  • Barbara Gordon: Because being in a wheelchair tends to make hemorrhoids a sad fact of life and it'd be insensitive to-
  • Felicity Smoak: [sigh] I'm sorry, that was really inconsid-
  • Barbara Gordon: [snort, laughter] I win! You apologized first! Score another win for Babsy-G! Whew!
  • Felicity Smoak: You suck.
  • Barbara Gordon: [scoff, laughter] At losing, maybe...
  • Felicity Smoak: Why do we even play these stupid games?
  • Barbara Gordon: I told you. It keeps our wit razor sharp! It's important for when we gotta put dumb heroes in their place.

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