Eve Eden 2

Oracle Files: Eve Eden (2/2)



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  • Mr. Bones: [footsteps] I thank you both for meeting me here. I'd ask if you came alone, if I didn't already confirm you had.
  • Alex Danvers: What's the deal, Bones? Don't trust us?
  • Mr. Bones: I don't trust anyone... Nothing personal.
  • Nightshade: What's this about?
  • Mr. Bones: The death of Vic Sage.
  • Alex Danvers: Who?
  • Nightshade: How do you-?
  • Mr. Bones: You're both investigating the same case, but you don't know it yet. I want you two to compare notes... covertly. You two cannot be seen working together, but you'll have much better results if you do this. Trust me.
  • Nightshade: I'm... I'm on leave. this is not a CBI investigation.
  • Alex Danvers: But you are a CBI agent and thus a DEO agent. [sigh] Look, Nightshade, I'm on a DEO investigation... and if we are actually working on the same case and don't know it, then I think your leave's just been cancelled.
  • Mr. Bones: [chuckle, lighter wheel cranked, cigar lighting] Not cancelled, just temporarily suspended...
  • Nightshade: Why's the DEO so interested in the death of Vic Sage anyway? What do you know that you aren't telling us, Bones?
  • Mr. Bones: An interesting question... [inhaling smoke, exhaling smoke] You know, I'm a big fan of the Question... you know, in general. [chuckle]
  • Nightshade: [quiet gasp] You know?
  • Alex Danvers: Sir, not to argue but you hate questions. You hate not having answers and you hate being questioned.
  • Mr. Bones: Oh. I know. [chuckle, footsteps, inhaling smoke, exhaling smoke] Good luck piecing it all together. I expect a full report! [chuckle]

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