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  • Eugene Choi: [rapid footsteps] Mary! Oh, good... You made it! So here's the thing... For the sake of an investigation, what would you say to me going on some darkweb forums using a false identity and posting some rather hurtful things about you for the purpose of baiting a terrorist who has a bit of a soft spot for Lady Marvel into replying?
  • Mary Bromfield: Uh, i guess that depends? What kinds of things, Gene?
  • Eugene Choi: I don't know... Just the usual stuff. I really can't remember.
  • Mary Bromfield: Wait... First of all: Remember? You already did it? I thought you were asking me for permission! And second... You are the manifestation for the Wisdom of Solomon... You have a flawless memory, Gene!
  • Eugene Choi: Eh... It's easier to ask for forgiveness. [nervous chuckle] Anyway, it was just some stuff about your appearance-
  • Mary Bromfield: [through grit teeth:] What about my appearance, Gene?!
  • Eugene Choi: [sigh] That Lady Marvel's skirt doesn't really work because she has a rather big butt and you'd be a fool-
  • Mary Bromfield: [grapple, slam] [through grit teeth:] Listen to me and listen to me good... Do I?
  • Eugene Choi: [apologetic] Of course not...
  • Mary Bromfield: [silence: 3.4 seconds, sigh] Okay...
  • Eugene Choi: So we're good?
  • Mary Bromfield: No... We are not. What else is there?
  • Eugene Choi: You really want to know?
  • Mary Bromfield: No. [footsteps, sigh, footsteps] Tell me anyway...
  • Eugene Choi: Well there was a bit about how Lady Marvel's only on the Justice League to be eye candy. [silence: 3.1 seconds] Hey, many white knights came to your defense, you should know. You actually have a lot of fans in the darkweb...
  • Mary Bromfield: Good...
  • Eugene Choi: Then I created a second username and posted that you can't possibly be eye-candy because you're ugly as sin.
  • Mary Bromfield: Uh... thanks?
  • Eugene Choi: To back that up, I then had to post some doctored photos of Lady Marvel that were less than flattering.
  • Mary Bromfield: What photos? Can I see these? Where are they?
  • Eugene Choi: Mostly the ones on your Caper account.
  • Mary Bromfield: I... I don't have a Caper account... [nervous chuckle]
  • Eugene Choi: Yes, you do... Don't worry, I restored the login and notification settings. You'll get alerts on your phone again.
  • Mary Bromfield: Gene... Let me put this in words you're going to understand. You're about to see an emotional reaction on my face, followed by the reception of a physical reaction on your face if you so much as say one more-
  • Eugene Choi: We got him, though! We got him, Mary! This guy has done business with Calculator, he might lead us to him!
  • Mary Bromfield: You couldn't lead with that?! [sigh] Well... I forgive you, Gene. Good work. [shove] Now, fix my Caper account!
  • Eugene Choi: [gulp] Right... Of course. On it! [scrambling footsteps]
  • Mary Bromfield: And stop spending so much time with Freddy, Gene! [sigh, screentap] Oh... Hello Zenith... [giggle, swipe]

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