Etta Candy 1

Oracle Files: Etta Candy



  • Watchtower Hangar, Earth's Orbit
  • October 11th 2010, 1127 EST

VOX Archive

  • Etta Candy: Gideon. Open the hangar bay doors. Voice authorization: Candy-H. 012. [Voice analysis confirmed. Henrietta Candy. Agent twelve. Hangar Bay Zero doors opening]
  • Wonder Woman: [blast door open] What is this place? Hangar Bay Zero? I didn't even know this place existed. What else is ARGUS hiding in our space station.
  • Steve Trevor: This is where we develop experimental aircraft, Diana. Come in and I'll show you. [footsteps] So what do you think? Pretty neat, huh?
  • Wonder Woman: It is... an empty hangar. Impressive.
  • Etta Candy: Happy Birthday! [giggle]
  • Wonder Woman: Wow, gee... Thanks guys... It's what I always wanted.
  • Steve Trevor: Ha ha, No, seriously... all joking aside, look again.
  • Wonder Woman: Is this some sort of birthday joke? I have eyes, Steve. It doesn't take me long to... Hey, what's that in your hand?
  • Steve Trevor: It's the remote. Here, let me show you how it works. [click, warbling energy]
  • Wonder Woman: By the goddess! What sorcery is this? Is that a javelin?
  • Etta Candy: No sorcery. It's a photo-luminescence redistributor array. A cloaking device. New ARGUS tech that we installed in this javelin. Cool, huh? Can I get a "woo woo"?
  • Wonder Woman: You bet, Etta. Woo woo. [chuckle] So, it's some sort of invisible jet them?
  • Steve Trevor: [chuckle] You could say that. I had to pull some strings to let Waller let you test it out, more or less, it's yours.
  • Wonder Woman: You got me an Invisible Jet for my birthday?! Aw... You're the best boyfriend. [moist lip smack]
  • Etta Candy: Ahem... I helped. Whoa, no, I don't need a kiss, too. A simple thank you will suffice.
  • Wonder Woman: Thank you both so much. I love it! Oh, wait... so does this mean I get private flying lessons, too? Eh? Eh?
  • Green Lantern: [footsteps] You betcha, babe. Sorry, I'm late, Flash needed my help with Captain Cold. So... Diana, what you think? Shall we strap in and take it for a spin?
  • Wonder Woman: Wait... Hal? What're you doing here?
  • Steve Trevor: [nervous chuckle] Yeah, ARGUS thinks I'm too valuable to be field-testing prototypes. But Waller thinks Jordan here is expendable enough to be your teacher.
  • Green Lantern: "Hey!" Wonder Woman: I knew there was a catch. [sigh]

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