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  • Nathan Scofield: Heya bro... Don't look so surprised to see me. I figured out it was you who busted- well, tried to bust me out. B.T.W., thanks.
  • Erik Kassidy: Well, how did- Nevermind! You shouldn't be here. You should be staying on the Sphere. You're a wanted fugi-
  • Rina Nishida: Relax, Puma.
  • Erik Kassidy: Rina?! You brought an assassin to my apartment?
  • Nathan Scofield: Chill, bro. She's my girlfriend.
  • Erik Kassidy: Yeah, and she kills people.
  • Rina Nishida: Only those who deserve it... mostly. [giggle]
  • Erik Kassidy: Okay, see... That's creepy... [sigh] Whatever, get in here before someone sees you two in my hallway. [footsteps: 2 instances]
  • Nathan Scofield: [door closes] Thanks, bro... Just need a place to crash for the night. Sphere just got back in orbit and I misplaced my key.
  • Erik Kassidy: Strange. A lack of keys never have kept you out of places you're not supposed to be.
  • Nathan Scofield: [laughter] Fair enough. You caught me. I wanted to see my brother. Is that a bad thing?
  • Erik Kassidy: You're lying. You're up to something.
  • Rina Nishida: I told you he wasn't going to buy your pathetic excuse, Nate...
  • Nathan Scofield: Rina, baby... Just let me handle my little brother, okay?
  • Rina Nishida: I told you, I read some of the Monitor's notes on Erik. He's got an uncanny knack for reading people. [teeth biting apple]
  • Erik Kassidy: Hey, yeah... Okay, help yourself to my food, why don't you?
  • Rina Nishida: [giggle] Hey, thanks! I will. [chewing, swallowing, teeth biting apple]
  • Erik Kassidy: [sigh] Alright, Nate... What's going on here? What are you up to?
  • Nathan Scofield: There's some new players in town. They call themselves the Cadre. They killed a Challenger... and the Monitor's dead.
  • Erik Kassidy: Wait... What?!
  • Nathan Scofield: Long story, but this person they killed... She was special to me. So I need to make them bleed. I need your help. You game?

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