Emma Campbell 2

Oracle Files: Emma Campbell (2/2)



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  • Lauren Drake: [whack, thud, chuckle] Not bad… Better luck next time?
  • Alex Parker: [chuckle] It’s incredible to think how good of a fighter Canary was, even back then… I mean, y’know, back when she was new.
  • Lauren Drake: When I was created, you mean? Sorry… I know you didn’t mean any offense. We’ve gone different paths and I am not just her clone.
  • Alex Parker: I’m sorry. My mouth is my biggest weakness.
  • Lauren Drake: [scoff] Really? I would have said your left hook.
  • Alex Parker: [chuckle] Ouch… That hurt more than the roundhouse kick that floored me.
  • Nathan Scofield: Yeah-yeah… Tough guy. Let me have a shot at this hottie.
  • Lauren Drake: Why bother? I beat you five times out of the last three matches.
  • Angie Aimes: Wait, how’s that math work?
  • Alex Parker: Trust me, I saw those matches… The math checks out. He was just beat that bad.
  • Nathan Scofield: Yeah? Maybe I got a beating, but I didn’t lose… [chuckle] She can toss me to that mat and wrap her legs around me, any day.
  • Lauren Drake: Ugh… I need a shower. Later, boys… [footsteps]
  • Nathan Scofield: How about you, gunslinger? You want to go a few rounds with X?
  • Angie Aimes: [scoff] In your dreams… [footsteps]
  • Nathan Scofield: It’s a date then. So… Red? How about you? You want to-
  • Wildfire: No. [keystrokes clacking] I’m busy. Go away.
  • Nathan Scofield: Oh, come on, sweetie. [kissing sounds] Don’t be afraid. I’ll go easy on you.
  • Wildfire: Very well… [keystrokes clacking, elapsed time: 34.9 seconds] I just hacked your criminal record. You’re now a convicted animal [expletive], have a history of stalking boy band members, and are known to be romantic with Jervis Tetch. I win… Shall we go again?
  • Nathan Scofield: Wow… Talk about taking all the fun out of foreplay. So, uh...what do I have to do to get that stuff wiped off?
  • Wildfire: [pen scribbling, paper ripping] Here’s my PennyPlunderer account. Transfer...let’s say fifty bucks… Oh, and leave me alone. Mmkay?

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