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Oracle Files: Emily Parker (2/2)



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  • Stormguard: [rapid footsteps] What is it, citiz- Oh, you're Lois Lane?
  • Lois Lane: A fan?
  • Stormguard: [clears throat] I enjoyed your articles on Superman. They played a big part in my decision to become a hero myself.
  • Lois Lane: Oh? Wow. I'm flattered. Now, I just have to say that since your debut a few years ago, the people have been wondering exactly who is Stormguard.
  • Stormguard: Not much of a secret identity if I told you that.
  • Lois Lane: I don't need your name. Believe me, I understand how important those secret identities of you hero types are. Still, you got to be able to tell us something.
  • Fangirl: "That's classified..." [telekinetic thrumming, footsteps] I mean, that's what you were going to say, isn't it?
  • Stormguard: Who... Who are you?
  • Lois Lane: You don't know? That's Fangirl. She's been around Gotham and Metropolis for a few months now.
  • Stormguard: I, uh, I've been busy the last few months. I... I didn't realize there was a new player. Welcome to the business, Fangirl.
  • Fangirl: Oh, we've met, Stormguard.
  • Stormguard: We have? I, uh, I beg your pardon then.
  • Fangirl: In fact, we know each other... very well.
  • Lois Lane: Oh? Interesting...
  • Stormguard: Don't write that down! I'm sorry, but I have to insist that I would remember if I had any encounter with- Wait... Em- Um... [cough, cough] Now. I recall, it was-
  • Fangirl: Washington, DC. Yeah... He's a real gentleman this one, Lois. You see, I caught my cape and he came to my rescue. It's why I don't have capes anymore...
  • Stormguard: Excuse me, Miss Lane... Fangirl and I need to have a private talk elsewhere. Come now. [jet thrusters, excited shriek] Stop screaming. I got you...
  • Fangirl: I can fly on my own, you know... but never mind. I don't mind this. In fact, I like it when you hold me like this. [moist lip smack] How you been, hubby?
  • Stormguard: What's with the costume? And this thing on your forehead... My meta-scanners indicate psychic activity and alien craftsmanship. What happened, Em?
  • Fangirl: This is the universe's way of bringing us back together... but judging by your expression, you don't buy that. So, take me home and I'll tell you my origin story.

Trivia and Notes

  • Stormguard has been "busy" the last few months working for the Monitor.

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