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  • Alex Parker: I got a delivery. Where shall I put him?
  • Lyle Bolton: I'll take him. We got a nice suite all ready for him. In fact, I think he's going to find this one to be out of this world.
  • Joker: Is that so? [suppressed laughter, chuckle, outright loud laughter, footsteps, buzz, heavy door opens, heavy door closes]
  • Alex Parker: What a freak... What does Harley see in that nut job?
  • Em Parker: The heart wants what the heart wants, you know that, Alex.
  • Alex Parker: Em?! What are you doing here?
  • Em Parker: I work here... Remember?
  • Alex Parker: No. I know... I just thought it was your day off.
  • Em Parker: I picked up some OT to cover for Cho. Actually, I'm just clocking out. Care to walk me to my car? [footsteps] You never know, I might need help with the door.
  • Alex Parker: [chuckle, footsteps] I see... Actually, it's probably better I see you. We need to talk... about last Thursday? I know you were at my apartment that afternoon because well that evening I, uh, came home with, uh, well... a lady friend and things were going well and well, we ended up heading for the bedroom when-
  • Em Parker: Oh, you can spare me the details, Alex. I'm so happy for you, though. [door opens, footsteps] You deserve to be happy.
  • Alex Parker: Do I? Do you really think so? [footsteps]
  • Em Parker: [gasp] Of course, I do, Alex. I've always wanted you to be happy. [footsteps]
  • Alex Parker: Then maybe you'd care to tell me why you left your underwear on my bed? [footsteps]
  • Em Parker: How do you know it was mine? [footsteps]
  • Alex Parker: You also left a note on the fridge calling me honey... [sigh] Em, you got to stop doing this. [footsteps] We're divorced. You need to move on... We need to mo-
  • Em Parker: [moist lip smack] Thanks for walking me out to my car, Alex. [car door opens] I'll see you around, alright? [car door closes, engine starts]
  • Alex Parker: Em! [sigh, car door opens, car door closes] Em, you're not- Wait! [engine shut off] We're not leaving this unsaid again. I am serious when I- Em... Please stop doing that... No, button your shirt back up... Em! People are going to see- Fine! [sigh] At least drive us back to your apartment... [engine starts, sigh, car peeling out]

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