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Oracle Files: Emily Briggs (1/2)



  • Markovia
  • November 15th 2008, 1531 Local Time

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  • Sebastian Faust: [door opens, footsteps: 2 instances] Emily? You awake? I brought that friend I was telling you about.
  • Emily Briggs: [footsteps, groan] Yes... I'm awake... close the door, though. It's too early to deal with such light.
  • Sebastian Faust: [door closes, sigh] Oh, okay,so... Jason, this is something I should have told you about Emily-
  • Jason Todd: [scoff, chuckle] What? That she's a vampire?
  • Emily Briggs: Oh... Look at the boy. He's got a head between these broad shoulders. [footsteps, sniff] His smell is iffy...
  • Sebastian Faust: Whoa... [scoff, chuckle] Jason? You know about vampires? You barely recall your own name, but you know how to spot a vampire? With a quick glance, in a dim room... when she looks like that?!
  • Jason Todd: Like I said... [sigh] It's jumbled. But... growing up, as a boy, a vampire took me in. She used me as a go-for and guide... [sigh] and occasional snack.
  • Emily Briggs: [sniff] I'm not smelling thrall blood in you... Which is strange. Usually that's a smell that lingers... for decades.
  • Sebastian Faust: Probably washed off in his Lazarushian bath.
  • Emily Briggs: Oh? [giggle] Took a few years off, have you? My apologies for calling you a boy. I didn't realize- Wait... scars?
  • Sebastian Faust: As I was about to say, he used up the Lazarus juice on something else... For him, it wasn't a fountain of youth. He's a resurrected man, Emily... Or something around there. We're still not sure of his exact age.
  • Emily Briggs: [gasp, chuckle] Oh, Sebastian... You truly are a miracle worker!
  • Sebastian Faust: I can't take all the credit here... Jason just sort of fell in my lap.
  • Jason Todd: [sigh] What- What's going on here? What's so special about me being resurrected?
  • Emily Briggs: Your blood is the key, Jason...
  • Jason Todd: The key? The key to what?! What's all this about?
  • Sebastian Faust: Jason... I'm a bartender. You know that much. You also know I am a sorcerer. Well, I make a little extra on the side as a vampire hunter. Emily here is one I took mercy on. I've been sheltering her here for a few weeks now. She wants out of her pack but she is still blood-bound to her master.
  • Jason Todd: And?
  • Emily Briggs: Sebastian knows a potion that should remove such binds; but to work on a vampire, the formula needs tinkering.
  • Sebastian Faust: It needs the blood of a resurrected man... [sigh, chuckle] which is really hard to find.
  • Jason Todd: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Uh-oh, no way! You're not- Wait... What's she do-? [stumbled footsteps, thud]
  • Emily Briggs: [scoff] Don't look at me like that, Sebastian... I just put him to sleep. Quick now, help me get him to the bed.
  • Sebastian Faust: You need help carrying him?
  • Emily Briggs: I haven't had a good meal in weeks. I'm running on fumes as it is. I nearly passed out putting him to sleep.
  • Sebastian Faust: [sigh, footsteps] Okay... What're you saying when he wakes up?
  • Emily Briggs: Nothing... We'll give him some juice and cookies and tell him to drink plenty of water for the next two days.

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