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VOX Archive

  • Connor Hawke: [footsteps: 2 instances] And this is the gym. Pretty schway, huh?
  • Emiko Queen: [excited chuckle, footsteps, silence: 1.4 seconds] Schway? What is schway?
  • Connor Hawke: I don't know... That girl with Roy's old band t-shirt was saying it back in the lobby. It sounded cool.
  • Emiko Queen: You could be using it totally wrong. Is schway a good thing?
  • Connor Hawke: It sounds like it should be.
  • Emiko Queen: But that... That doesn't mean it it! [groan] I am so glad we turned out to be siblings.
  • Connor Hawke: Why is that?
  • Emiko Queen: Because learning that totally cured me of the crush I used to have on you.
  • Connor Hawke: Wha-?
  • Emiko Queen: Don't flatter yourself, Blondie... [hair ruffled] You were the only boy I knew until I was fourteen.
  • Connor Hawke: Still...I mean... I get it, but... admitting it out loud?
  • Damian Wayne: [door opens, footsteps] Connor.
  • Connor Hawke: Oh, hey, Damian... You're late... on the first day of school. I hear that's a faux pas.
  • Damian Wayne: As if I could care. I am Damian, son of Bruce Wayne and-
  • Connor Hawke: Yeah, yeah... I get it. You have entitlement issues. I've heard it all before. Did you need something?
  • Damian Wayne: You to step out of the way.
  • Connor Hawke: [scoff, single step] By all means. Bon voyage! [chuckle, faded footsteps, door opens, door closes] So that's Dam-
  • Emiko Queen: Damian, son of Bruce Wayne. I gathered that. [tongue click] You know, I think I'll have him show me around.
  • Connor Hawke: Wait... What? Seriously? Oh my gosh... You're into him? [chuckle] No... [nervous chuckle] Really? He... He's our cousin!
  • Emiko Queen: No, check the family tree again, Blondie. He's your cousin. There ain't no al Ghul blood in my veins. [tongue click, footsteps] Ciao!

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Emiko Queen. She joins the Titans.
  • The girl wearing Roy's old band t-shirt, is Mia Kent. She believes she comes from the future and schway is a word she thinks is used then. Eventually schway catches on and people uses it in Earth-2027.

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