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Oracle Files: Eddie Dorado (1/2)



VOX Archive

  • Arsenal: [rapid footsteps] Shouldn't these kids be in school? [rapid footsteps on stairs]
  • Darkstar: [door slamming shut] That would make too much sense in Gotham. [wood splintering]
  • Jack: [rapid footsteps, chuckle] You're just grumpy because you can't keep up with us, ese!
  • Arsenal: [grunt] Darkstar, I assume you've been holding back? [rapid footsteps on stairs]
  • Darkstar: [wood creaking] Yes... Want me to give it all I got? [rapid footsteps]
  • Arsenal: [rapid footsteps] I think now would be an opportune time to teach humility. [panting]
  • Indigo: Would you like me to intervene, sir?
  • Arsenal: Not yet, Indie... Screw this... Darkstar, get that punk... I'll meet you on the street.
  • Darkstar: [glass shattering, arrow loosed, grapnel whirring] Alright, see ya then! [rapid footsteps]
  • Jack: Forget it! You're never gonna cat- [gasp, choke, slam] Que demonios! How'd you do that?
  • Darkstar: I'm an Amazon, twerp. I am beyond compare.
  • Jack: Yeah? But i bet you- [Zeta surge] -can't do this? Eh? Nope. [Zeta surge] behind you.
  • Darkstar: Suffering Sappho! [Zeta surge] Is there no end to your annoyance? [Zeta surge]
  • Jack: Ha! You're gonna have to be a lot faster than- [Zeta surge] -that! Whoop! [Zeta surge]
  • Darkstar: You are obnoxious, but- [rope unfurls, Zeta surge] -you know what? [rope clinches]
  • Jack: [rope yanked, thud, pained hiss, mystic thrum] Que mierda! What is this? Why can't I teleport?
  • Darkstar: I can be pretty annoying myself. Now, you're going to come with me peacefully... [mystic thrum]
  • Ace: [footsteps] Actually, I don't think that's going to happen... Release your prisoner.

Trivia and Notes

  • The Outsiders were chasing Eddie because they witnessed him swiping a man's wallet while they were on patrol.
  • The Royal Flush Gang are the literal definition of a gang: an organized group of criminals. Granted, they only commit minor crimes to survive and they fight more serious criminals, but they're still a bunch of punk kids.

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