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  • Eddie Bloomberg: Yeah... No sweat. I'll let the other know.
  • Ellie MacKay: Thanks a bundle, Eddie.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: You sure you don't need my help? I can be there in no time.
  • Ellie MacKay: Uh, better not, Eddie... Last time you tried to teleport to Gotham from the Tower, you ended up in Zandia.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Yes... But I've been practicing.
  • Ellie MacKay: Seriously, Connor and I got this. I'll let you know if we need back-up, how's that?
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [gasp] You sly little devil you! You just want to spend some time with Connor... alone.
  • Ellie MacKay: [sigh] And now I'm hanging up. Goodbye, Eddie.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Goodbye, saucy tart.
  • Ellie MacKay: [groan, beep]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [clatter, chuckle, footsteps] Sorry about that ladies... That was Ellie. She and Connor can't make it. Something came up... or so Ellie says. I think she's probably grounded again and won't admit it.
  • Mia Kent: That's fine. More Pizza Corner pizza for us!
  • Traci Bandyopadhyay: Always looking at the bright side, you are, Kent. [giggle]
  • Natasha Irons: Well, no Connor... No Ellie... Wow, Eddie I think you get to be the stud tonight and take us three gals for pizza.
  • Traci Bandyopadhyay: [giggle] Lucky you, Eddie.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [chuckle] Ah, then I should be on my best behavior then!
  • Natasha Irons: ...Or here's an idea: don't? [chuckle]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: I can do that, too. [chuckle]
  • Mia Kent: Wait... Isn't today Taco Tuesday, Eddie? I thought you never missed Taco Tuesday.
  • Natasha Irons: Uh, Mia... It's Wednesday.
  • Traci Bandyopadhyay: Oh, you didn't know? Eddie has been doing some mystical meditation with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Right and because Dani and I didn't want to miss out on our weekly taco binge, we moved it to Wednesdays.
  • Natasha Irons: ...And yet you still call it Taco Tuesday? Why not call it Taco Wednesday?
  • Eddie Bloomberg: You're not made of iron, so why do we call you Irons?
  • Natasha Irons: Because it's my name...
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Precisely. Taco Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, no matter when you eat the taco. The day itself is secondary to the actual act of eating tacos until the sight of a tortilla shell makes you tremble.
  • Mia Kent: Sounds... uh... fun... So, if it's so fun, why're you willing to miss it to go out for pizza with us?
  • Eddie Bloomberg: I can do both.
  • Mia Kent: Whoa... I've been craving Pizza Corner for two weeks now. I plan to pig out. Now way can I do that if Eddie only eats a slice.
  • Traci Bandyopadhyay: He'll eat more than a slice, babe. Trust me. He's a gluttony devil. He can never eat enough.
  • Natasha Irons: Seriously? No way. Look at him. He's jacked. Not an ounce of fat on him.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [nervous chuckle] First, thanks for noticing... Please feel free to point that out to Zach for me. Second, it's true. [chuckle] You've seen how hot I am... I mean, you've seen the literal heat rising off my skin. I burn through calories like crazy. So, yeah, I'll probably eat a whole pie myself. Hell, maybe even two. [clap] Now, let's suit up and go get some 'za, yeah?

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Traci Bandyopadhyay and Natasha Irons.
  • Ellie and Connor are in Gotham investigating the kidnapping of Sam and Lizzie, as seen in ObMod: Deja Vu 13.

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