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Oracle Files: Duke Thomas (1/2)



VOX Archive

  • Retro: I don't care what Saint says. It can't be done.
  • Wingman: Have you tried?
  • Retro: Well, no... Because I-
  • Wingman: These sound like excuse. If you want to take excuses, go to Saint yourself and try your luck. I'm the Sergeant-In-Arms. I don't deal in excuses, Retro. I get things done. If that means I got to go back to Saint with nothing to report because you gave me an excuses and not results, well... let's just say that-
  • Retro: Yeah, yeah. I get it. I'll see what I can do, but I'm telling you it's beyond repair, we're gonna need a new m-
  • Wingman: Hold on, Retro. Hey, Duke! Hold up a bit.
  • Li'l Boss: Wingman? Am I in trouble?
  • Wingman: No.
  • Li'l Boss: Saint need something?
  • Wingman: He always needs something, but you're good, brother. I just... I wanted to have a talk with you.
  • Li'l Boss: About what?
  • Wingman: You... You don't seem like your usual self anymore. Actually, I fell like you've been "off" for quite a while now. What gives?
  • Li'l Boss: True? Fine... I... I don't know if we're actually doing any g- I don't feel like a he- You know what? It's nothing, alright?
  • Wingman: It doesn't seem like nothing.
  • Flamebird: Hey, Li'l Boss! You comin' or what? Spider wants us across town in less than ten for that meet with Cosa Nostra.
  • Li'l Boss: Case in point... What're we doing dealing with the mob? I thought we were supposed to be... [sigh] Nevermind. I got to go.[footsteps]
  • Wingman: [footsteps, door open, door closes] [whisper enhancement:] Oracle, you online?
  • Oracle: Always. What's up, Batwing.
  • Wingman: Remember how you said that I should be on the lookout for some Sons that I might be able to turn against Saint? Well, I think I've got a candidate.

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Duke Thomas and Retro.

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