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  • John Constantine: Thanks, love. Alright now, Midnite... Let's try this again now, shall we, yeah? Where's the Ace of Winchesters? And need I remind you, we tracked you all the way to this god-forsaken cesspit of a country to ask you this, so I'm a wee bit of a mood, if you catch my drift, yeah? So... Do. Not. Try. Me. Understood?
  • Papa Midnite: I tell you true the first time, John. It already be stolen before I got to it. Yeah, sure, I be plannin' to take the Ace, that much be true, John... but I didn't get to it in time. No. By the time I broke in to the collection, there she was... Some ready in the cat suit be there with a whip, ya?
  • Zatanna: Oh really? Oh, like a woman... in a cat suit and a whip. Catwoman? You mean, Catwoman stole the rifle?
  • Papa Midnite: Mussi don know another woman that dresses like that, do you?
  • Dr. Fate: [wind rush, electrical feedback] What is the meaning of this?
  • John Constantine: Ah, Mr. Zatara... Is it past curfew already then? Beg your pardon... I know I promised to have your daughter back, we just lost track of time is all-
  • Dr. Fate: Keep your glib tongue to yourself, mortal... Zatara's daughter, i ask of you now, what is the meaning of this?
  • Zatanna: Uh... You're going to have to be more specific there, dad... We're in the middle of some Dark Justice business right now? We think we got a lead on the theft of the Ace-
  • Dr. Fate: Yes, the Ace of Winchesters rifle. That is inconsequential... Allow me to address these issues more directly. [strange humming, electric feedback, wind rushing]
  • John Constantine: What the [expletive]?! Where'd Midni- What's with the chains- Zatanna, be a dear, and have your dear ol' man take these hoodoo chains off me, yeah? Zatanna? Zatanna? Oh, bloody hell! Oracle? [feet stumping] OR-AC-LE! Oh... Oh... Oh no... [splash] Please let that be normal water... [sniff, sniff, gags]
  • Oracle: [USER STATUS CHANGED FROM BUSY TO ONLINE] Oh my gawd. Can't a gal get a single quick pee break without a British man calling out her name?
  • John Constantine: Fate's gone bonkers again... He just released Midnite, kidnapped Zee, and left me gift-wrapped in Midnite's flat... in what I assume is a puddle of rat piss.
  • Oracle: Okay... What do you want me to do about that? Dr. Fate is sort of your department, John... and rat-piss is an improvement over your usual cloud of Morley's.
  • John Constantine: Well, for starters, love, a little less snark would not go unnoticed. Maybe you can dispatch Superman to fly down here and uncuff me?
  • Oracle: I'll send Batson. Superman's strength won't do much if those binds are magically reinforced.
  • John Constantine: [sigh] If you must... I'd rather have someone who has a bit more discretion, if you catch my drift. The Big Red Cheese will ne'er let me live this down.
  • Oracle: You keep talking and yet... [giggles] Say hi to Billy for me.

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