Doriz Zeul 2

Oracle Files: Doris Zeul (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Micro: [alarms blaring, asphalt cracking] Oh hey! Look who decided to join the party!
  • Nightwing: Great! Superboy and Giganta! Great news... Grodd has Micro and I'm pinned down over here. [gunfire, ricochet]
  • Superboy: Grodd? Ugh, it just had to be you, huh? I was having a good day, too. Man, I hate monkeys.
  • Gorilla Grodd: The only monkey I see here is you, Super-Brat. I am an evolved lowland gorilla.
  • Superboy: Yeah... like I said, a monkey. [wind rush, whack, thud] There. One monkey down.
  • Giganta: [footsteps, gasp] Oh... poor animal. What did Cadmus do to you?
  • Superboy: Mmm? What's the big deal? It's just Grodd... Wait, Doris... are... are you crying?
  • Giganta: So what if I am.
  • Superboy: I... I just didn't know you could... Did Toyman hit you with some tear gas or something when I wasn't looking?
  • Giganta: No... I'm just... Seeing an animal like this... It's... It makes me upset, okay?
  • Superboy: Not me. Dumb monkey.
  • Micro: [nervous chuckle] Uh... Steph, we might not want to come out of cover just yet. [nervous chuckle]
  • Giganta: Excuse me?
  • Superboy: Like I said, Grodd's just a dumb monkey.
  • Giganta: First of all, he's an ape. Like he said, he's a lowland gorilla. They are a proud and noble species.
  • Superboy: Okay... Whatever! I just don't see any reason to cry over a damn, dirty ape.
  • Giganta: You don't see a reason to cry? Well, how about I give you one! [air displacement, concrete buckling, debris falling, thunderous impact] How about now? Do you feel like crying now, Conner? [thunderous impact, thunderous impact, thunderous impact] How about now?!
  • Nightwing: Ryan... Is there any reason your girlfriend is beating up our Kryptonian?
  • Micro: [nervous chuckle] You think I understand her? Heh, no. I'm just dating her. [sigh] I'll go talk her down before she tries chewing him. Hey, honey!

Trivia and Notes

  • Superboy's hate of monkeys may have been originated in Oracle Files: Billy Batson 2.
  • The remark about chewing might be a nod to an issue of Atom where Giganta tried to swallow him.

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