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  • Atom: Doris, Ryan... Welcome to the Secret Sanctuary! AKA: Mount Justice.
  • Doris Zeul: Huh... neat.
  • Atom: That's your reaction, Doris? "Huh"? I was expecting something more... I don't know...
  • Ryan Choi: Holy Understatements, Atom! You said this was going to be cool... you didn't mention how friggin' awesome it was going to be! Oh, wait... No way! Is that an indoor hangar? Oh... [squeal] Is that the Batwing? Oh, please tell me it's the Batwing! is it? No, wait... Don't tell me. I want Batman to tell me!
  • Doris Zeul: [squeal, rapid footsteps, fading footsteps, scoff] Were you expecting something more like that?
  • Atom: No... I don't think anyone was expecting that... Well, I better go get him. He's going to be devastated when he learns that's the Arrowjet. [footsteps]
  • Doris Zeul: No duh. The color and shape are a dead giveaway that it's owned by someone who calls himself the Green Arrow. [scoff]
  • Wonder Woman: [footsteps] Uh... can I help you?
  • Doris Zeul: No, probably not. Oh, I'm sorry... do I look like I'm being kidnapped or attacked? Because I'm not.
  • Wonder Woman: Fair enough. [chuckle] What I meant to say was "do you belong here"? You just don't look that familiar to me.
  • Doris Zeul: From what I was told, this place was being used as a base for teenage superheroes now... and you clearly have long since surpassed your teenage years.
  • Wonder Woman: By the goddess, you're bold. Do you know who I am, girl?
  • Doris Zeul: You're Wonder Woman... Look here, I think you are an alright superheroine and icon... or I did when I was eight. Now, I see you have an attitude that I don't like.
  • Wonder Woman: My attitude? You have some nerve, girl. I would school you in manners, but I fear you're such a frail thing that a stiff breeze may bruise you.
  • Doris Zeul: Odd, I was going to suggest schooling for you as well... though, I was going to recommend charm school, maybe we should start with elementary studies first.

Trivia and Notes

  • This VOX Box subtly hints at the comic book relationship between Giganta and Wonder Woman where they are arch enemies.

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