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Oracle Files: Donna Troy (3/3)



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  • Oracle: [keyboard clacking] Okay… I got new coordinates for you. Updating your nav system now.
  • Katana: Surely this is a mistake… Oracle, this is 300 miles off-course.
  • Oracle: Sorry. I had a difficult time getting a reliable satellite in the Arctic Circle to pinpoint the location… I’m tracking the ship in real-time now… So… I think my work is done. You do the rest. My coffee awaits.
  • Arsenal: It’s fine. We’ll make up the difference in less than an hour… We’re not pressed for time.
  • Darkstar: In an hour, the sun will likely be rising there, Roy. We’re going to lose that tactical advantage.
  • Arsenal: [scoff] That’s fine… Not ideal, but we’ll make it work, princess. We have me, after all.
  • Darkstar: Your safety was my biggest concern. You’ve already lost an arm… I’d hate to have even less of you to, how you say it? Ogle? [chuckles] Come here, archer… If we have an hour to kill, I’d like to sp- Diana?
  • Wonder Woman: Keep your head on the mission, little sister. Is fraternization really the best idea, just before a mission no-less?
  • Darkstar: This is an Outsiders mission… In an Outsiders jet. You’re just here to confirm the identity of the hostage.
  • Arsenal: [nervous chuckle] As much as I’d like to see you two tear the clothes off of each other, I’m afraid of what an Amazonian cat-fight would do to this jet… and Donna, this isn’t an Outsiders jet… We’re borrowing it from Orac-
  • Darkstar: Stay out of this, Roy… Diana, you have two seconds to get your hand off me. One… T- [scuffle, whack, whack]
  • Katana: [alarm blaring, whack, rapid footsteps, whack, belt buckle fastening] I never thought I’d see the day… [metal rendering]
  • Arsenal: Oh, these two? [alarm blaring, whack, wind noise, whack, pressurized door sealing] They fight all the time… Amazons. [sigh]
  • Katana: I meant, I never thought I’d see the day where you were the voice of reason…
  • Arsenal: Oh, yeah… That’s weird [chuckles] Okay… so we’re crashing right? What do I need to be doing to help you keep me alive?

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