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  • Don Hall: What was I supposed to say? No? The guy's a big time member of the Justice League and he asked us to hang out with him.
  • Hank Hall: And you agreed without even asking him what we'd be doing?
  • Don Hall: I thought he wanted to take us out on patrol with him.
  • Hank Hall: How did this conversation even come about?
  • Don Hall: He was interested in our transformations.
  • Hank Hall: Our transformations? You mean when we go "mystic"?
  • Don Hall: Yeah... He also has a magical costume change caused by the exclamation of a word.
  • Hank Hall: [expletive]! You two bonded over that?!
  • Don Hall: Hey... He's Captain Marvel! I was just happy he was talking to me in the first place! I was always a bit upset we left the Titans before-
  • Hank Hall: Whatever, Don! I'm just glad Superman didn't give you the time of day or we'd be doing his laundry!
  • Don Hall: I'd be down with that if it were in the Fortress of Solitude. I'm actually really curious as to the design of that-
  • Hank Hall: God, Don... Don't be such a nerd all the time. [sigh] Alright, let's get this over with... [car doors ope: 2 instances, car doors close]
  • Billy Batson: Hey guys... Glad you could make it. This is Courtney-
  • Courtney Whitmore: [chuckle] Yeah, Billy, we know each other. Hank and Don were Titans before you came into the program.
  • Billy Batson: Oh, yeah... That's right! Golly, so we're all Titans. That's cool, huh? High five, Hank!
  • Hank Hall: Yeah... Real neat, kid... Say, we're not actually here to just hang out, right? I mean, that's code for something else, right?
  • Billy Batson: [excited chuckle] You bet it is! Golly, we're gonna have so much fun, guys! I got the three best board games of all time picked out!
  • Hank Hall: [beeps: 3 instances] Yes! [silence: 2 seconds] [flat:] I mean, oh no... look at that... We're being called to the Watchtower. That sucks...

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