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  • Dmitri Pushkin: [mechanical door opens, footsteps] Privet...
  • Tora Olafsdotter: Oh... Dmitri! Good morning!
  • Beatrice da Costa: [scoff] You're here early... I wish I would get relieved from monitor duty this early.
  • Dmitri Pushkin: [chuckle] I could not sleep. I still find it difficult to sleep when away from my wife and children.
  • Tora Olafsdotter: That is so sweet. You are a good man, Dmitri.
  • Dmitri Pushkin: Thank you, Tora. You're sweet to say such... I'll just be in the corner over here familiarizing myself with the daily reports for a few minutes.
  • Tora Olafsdotter: [screentap, beep, giggle] This is fine. Please... Make yourself comfortable.
  • Beatrice da Costa: [whisper] Should we ask him?
  • Tora Olafsdotter: [whisper] Ask him? Now?
  • Beatrice da Costa: [scoff] [whisper] Why not?
  • Tora Olafsdotter: [whisper] Because... I am nervous.
  • Beatrice da Costa: [scoff] [whisper] Don't be! Come on! He'd be perfect to join us-
  • Dmitri Pushkin: [chuckle, sigh, footsteps] Okay, damy, let me stop you two there. I am flattered. really, I am... [nervous chuckle] But I must decline. I am a happily married man.
  • Beatrice da Costa: [scoff] We know... Weren't we just talking about that?
  • Tora Olafsdotter: Yes... We were... Now I am confused.
  • Beatrice da Costa: Wait, what did you think we were talking about?
  • Dmitri Pushkin: Uh... Well... [nervous chuckle] Maybe I jumped to conclu-
  • Beatrice da Costa: [gasp] He thought we wanted to sleep with him!
  • Tora Olafsdotter: [gasp] No... Wait, together? Like... at the same time? How would that work?
  • Beatrice da Costa: [under-breath] Well...
  • Dmitri Pushkin: [nervous chuckle] I'm sorry, I thought you two were... you know?
  • Tora/Beatrice: [in-unison:] What? What?
  • Dmitri Pushkin: [nervous chuckle] You know...
  • Tora/Beatrice: [in-unison:] Women? Brazilian?
  • Dmitri Pushkin: [sigh] What is the word? Lesbijanka?
  • [in-unison:] Tora Olafsdotter: Oh no! Beatriz da Costa: I wish... Tora Olafsdotter: What? Beatriz da Costa: Huh? Tora Olafsdotter: Nevermind. Beatriz da Costa: Forget it.
  • Dmitri Pushkin: Uh... Wait, so now that I'm blushing the same shade as my armor, what were you going to ask me?
  • Beatrice da Costa: We were wondering if you'd like to be part of ours Global Guardians club.
  • Dmitri Pushkin: Uh, yes... Ted was telling me about this. Uh... if you'll still have me. I'd love to take part in your club.
  • Tora Olafsdotter: Joy! We would love to have you... as a member of the club. [giggle] And only as a member of the club.

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Dmitri Pushkin.
  • Beatriz saying she's Brazilian is a nod to a joke from the Justice League Unlimited animated series.
  • In the comics Global Guardians are a superhero team.
  • "Pivet" means hello, "damy" means ladies, and "Lesbijanka" means lesbian in Russian.

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