Oracle Files Dinah Lance 2

Oracle Files: Dinah Lance (2/4)



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  • [door opens, footsteps, door closes, clatter, footsteps, sigh, locker door opens, fabric shifting, sigh, clatter, bare footsteps, faucet turned, water spraying, bare footsteps, fabric shifting, relieved sigh]
  • Wonder Woman: [bare footsteps, fabric shifting] Mind if I join in?
  • Black Canary: [startled gasp, shower curtain pulled] Diana?!
  • Wonder Woman: [nervous chuckle] My apologies, Dinah... I did not mean to startle you.
  • Black Canary: It's... It's fine... I just... I just was not expecting anyone else to be here. [nervous chuckle
  • Wonder Woman: As for covering up, no need. I assure you have nothing you need to hide. i have seen it all.
  • Black Canary: Right... The island all of women... So I have heard...
  • Wonder Woman: Actually I was referring to the public bathhouses and the open bathing springs of Themyscira, but...
  • Black Canary: [sigh chuckle] Right... And it's not that I'm shy or anything, I'm just... Did you ask to join me?
  • Wonder Woman: [chuckle] Again, my apologies... I meant in the next stall.
  • Black Canary: [sigh] Oh, right... Yes, of course... be my guest.
  • Wonder Woman: [faucet turns, water spraying, bare footsteps, relieved sigh] By the goddess! Hera knows I needed this.
  • Black Canary: [slow sigh, water spraying] So... uh... what're you doing here?
  • Wonder Woman: [water spraying] Bruce is meeting me here.
  • Black Canary: [water spraying] On Valentine's Day? [silence: 2 seconds] Ohh...
  • Wonder Woman: [water spraying, stifled laughter] Not like that. Clark asked Bruce to look into someone. He will be attending a gala at Ivy University and since's it's Valentine's Day event, Bruce needed a date.
  • Black Canary: [water spraying] On a Valentine's Date with Bruce Wayne? [water spraying, chuckle] Yo go, girl.
  • Wonder Woman: [water spraying, stifled laughter] Not going anywhere yet, Dinah... The event doesn't start for another hour or so.
  • Black Canary: [water spraying] That's not what... You know what? It doesn't matter.
  • Wonder Woman: [water spraying] So do you mind if I ask what are you doing here?
  • Black Canary: [water spraying] Ollie's still scared the League of Assassins is after me... [water spraying] I've been hiding here for a few days now... [water spraying, sigh] I'm fine, though... [water spraying, sigh] Plenty of good food and Ollie's supposed to be joining me here tonight for a shut-in's date.
  • Wonder Woman: [water spraying] Oh? What sort of things could you do here? Sparring?
  • Black Canary: [water spraying, chuckle] I'm sure we'll go a few rounds on the mats. [water spraying, giggle] [water spraying, silence: 7.3 seconds] [water spraying, chuckle] I'm sorry, Diana... [shower curtain shifting] What I mean to say is that-
  • Wonder Woman: [faucet turns, water stops] Oh, I know what you meant, Dinah... [bare footsteps, fabric shifting] I'm not as naive as you think... Don't forget to use protection while sparring. [chuckle bare footsteps]

Trivia and Notes

  • This is the remastered version of Oracle Files: Dinah Lance 2/2, the original's VOX Box can be found at E27VOXA: One Night Stand
  • Dinah was kidnapped and her DNA material was stolen to create a clone, Lauren Drake.

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