Dick Grayson 4

Oracle Files: Dick Grayson (4/4)



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  • Batman: Batmobile breaks engaged, cockpit hatch released] Ah, Jason, Tim, you're already here. Good.
  • Red Hood: [footsteps] You're wearing the old man's clothes again. You're dead set on replacing him, huh?
  • Batman: Only if you're willing to put on green tights again and be my Robin.
  • Red Hood: Go [expletive] yourself, Dick.
  • Batman: That's what I thought. Tim, have you and Babs had any luck with tracking Calculator's location?
  • Red Robin: Just as far as his signal is originating from somewhere here in the Narrows.
  • Oracle: And that's the source, Dick. We're disabled his rerouting software. So he has got to be near.
  • Batman: Excellent. So now what, Babs?
  • Oracle: I can use your comms' signals to help ping his position. I just need you guys to split up so I can triangulate where it is his signal coming from.
  • Batman: Jason, you go North. Tim, you're South. I'll go East and Damian-
  • Robin: Let me guess, west?
  • Red Robin: Wow, look at that! Remind me to give you a gold star when we get home.
  • Robin: Remind me to refrain from killing you when I kick your ass when we get home.
  • Batman: [sighs] Babs, anything you can do about getting me some new brothers?
  • Oracle: [scoffs] Yeah... Let me hook you up with mine. Tell me how that works out for you.

Trivia and Notes

  • While Barbara's relationship with her older brother isn't great in Earth-27, it's a vast improvement compared to their relationships in the comics where he is a serial killer.

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