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Oracle Files: Diana of Themyscira (1/4)



VOX Archive

  • [waves lapping on sand, gasp, footsteps, voices mumbling, footsteps, body dragging in sand, voices clattering]
  • Civilian: [whisper:] Who is this woman? What's with the sword and shield?
  • Civilian: [whisper:] Is that a soldier she's dragging?
  • Civilian: [whisper:] Is this the new lifeguard uniform?
  • Diana: [Greek]
  • Civilian: Uh...
  • Diana: [Greek]
  • Civilian: You know this woman?
  • Civilian: [scoff] Of course not, Darlene. I've never seen her before.
  • Diana: Ah. The Language of the English. Good. [gentle slap] Zip-per? Zipper-? Is... Is this his name tag?
  • Civilian: [sigh] Yes... I think so... He looks like a soldier. Maybe a pilot.
  • Civilian: [footsteps, scoff] I bet that's his codename. Check for dog-tags. You know? The necklace with his name on it?
  • Diana: [clatter] Necklace with- Ah! [metal jingle] Stee-ven. Steven? Tre-vor. Lieutenant. Us Air Force?
  • Civilian: U-S. It means United States.
  • Diana: Ah, thank you... Lieutenant Steven Trevor? Are you awake? [gentle slap, gasp] Steven? My name is Diana.
  • Civilian: [gasp] Oh, look. His eyes are open...
  • Steve Trevor: [startled gasp] Oh, my goodness... I'm alive?!
  • Diana: [stifled chuckle] Yes... Yes you are. I rescued you.
  • Steve Trevor: [scattered applause] Oh... and you are?
  • Diana: I am Diana. Crown Princess of Themyscira.
  • Steve Trevor: [groan, sigh] Princess of Mascara? What?
  • Diana: Princess Diana of Themyscira... Home of the Amazon Tribes.
  • Steve Trevor: You're from Brazil?
  • Diana: What? No... I just said. I am from Themyscira. I am an Amazon. My mother hails from the lands you call Greece.
  • Steve Trevor: Uh-huh... Right... [footsteps, staggering footsteps]
  • Diana: Whoa, you should not be walking, Steven Trevor. [footsteps, staggering footsteps] Let me fetch you a healer. Excuse me, do any of you happen to know a good apothecary? Perhaps an herbalist or other medicine man?
  • Steve Trevor: [groan, footsteps: 2 instances] What? No... I am fine. I don't- Did you fall off some cosplayer's convention cruise or something? What are you supposed to be? Is this some elven warrior woman motif or something?
  • Diana: [sigh, footsteps: 2 instances] I told you, Steven Trevor. I am Diana-
  • Steve Trevor: Okay... I get it. Diana. You're a princess... Great for you. I am a pilot who just crashed a plane worth a butt-load of money so I need to find a payphone and inform my superiors of this pronto. [footsteps: 2 instances] What?
  • Diana: Do you people still not use wallets or coin purses?
  • Steve Trevor: What? No, of course we do- Well, wallets. We use wallets... and purses... and what're those things? Clutches?
  • Diana: That is a relief. Though if not storing currency on your person, why would one have a "butt-load" with money?
  • Steve Trevor: Are you serious? [sigh] Wait... You are? [groan] Wait up! You caused that freak electrical storm, didn't you?!

Trivia and Notes

  • Diana enters the Realm of Man.
  • This is the remastered version of Oracle Files: Diana Prince (1/2), the original's VOX Box can be found at ObMod: Political Entanglements.

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