Diana Prince 2

Oracle Files: Wonder Woman



VOX Archive

  • Oracle: Okay, so she should be just right behind that door.
  • Wonder Woman: Should be?
  • Question: She's cold-blooded, doesn't show up on thermal scans.
  • Wonder Woman: Alright, I'll knock. [wood breaking, smash, footsteps] Hello, Copperhead. You're under arrest.
  • Copperhead: [yawn] What now? Oh... The Justice League? Just the two of you, though? Paint me unimpressed.
  • Question: I have a better idea. How about I paint you unconscious? [pressurized air, gas hissing]
  • Copperhead: [coughing, chuckles] Fancy toy gun... [deep breath, hissing laughter] My body is toxin factory, puta. [growl, whack, whack]
  • Wonder Woman: I got this... [rope twirling, rope tightening, angry hiss] Struggle all you want. my lasso is magic, completely unbreaka-
  • Copperhead: [chuckles] You were saying? Being quadruple-jointed, I don't need to use brute strength like you. [hiss, bite]
  • Wonder Woman: Ah! Get off of me! [groan]
  • Copperhead: [chuckles] Let's see how your Amazonian blood handles my venom, Mujer Maravilla.
  • Oracle: Dinah, now would be good time. It looks like Copperhead is distracted.
  • Black Canary: One step ahead of you, Red... Alright, fanghead. You might be gas-proof, you might be lasso-proof, but are you sound proof? [auto-mute activated]
  • Copperhead: [auto-mute deactivated, rubble shifting, hiss] Nice lungs, Blondie. [chuckle] Oh, what's the matter? You didn't know I can turn off my hearing, too? [hissing laughter] You three didn't come prepared at all. Chicas estupidas, let me give you a science lesson. snakes don't hear with ears, but use vibra-
  • Wonder Woman: [whack, thud] Vibrations in the skull, yes. Yes, I know. Paradise Island has its share of snakes. Now, hear this! [whack] Stay down. You lost.
  • Black Canary: Nice work, princess. [footsteps, inhibitor collar activating] That's a nasty looking bite. Let me have a look at it.
  • Wonder Woman: It is nothing, Canary. A flesh wound, if that. [fabric shifting] This scar... is from chimera's tail. Very vicious poison. I survived that, I'll survive this. If by some miracle, her poison proves more potent, I shall rely on the blessings of Demeter and use the fertility of the Earth to heal me.
  • Black Canary: Yeah, good idea... Rub some dirt on it.

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Copperhead.
  • Puta means hooker or bitch, and Mujer Maravilla means Wonder Woman, and chicas estupidas means stupid girls in Spanish.

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