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  • Danielle Cassidy: I thought you loved larb. [clatter, chewing]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [sigh, clatter] I do...
  • Danielle Cassidy: Is it too larb-y? [clatter]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [groan] Huh?
  • Danielle Cassidy: Not larb-y enough? [clatter, chewing]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [groan] I don't even know what that-
  • Danielle Cassidy: [sigh] How many times do I have to say 'larb' until you- [chuckle] talk to me?
  • Eddie Bloomberg: For the love of...
  • Danielle Cassidy: I think you mean 'for the larb of'. [giggle, clatter, chewing]
  • Eddie Bloomberg: We've resorted to puns now? A minute ago you were just repeating a silly sounding word and now we're at puns... Is that a step back or is that legitimate progress? [sigh, clatter] I just don't know.
  • Danielle Cassidy: Oh, please don't stop, Eddie. I larb it when you get riled up like that.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [groan] Just- Okay! You win! You want to talk? Let's talk, Dani! Just... Just stop saying 'larb', okay?
  • Danielle Cassidy: [chuckle] Deal. So, let me ask you this: what's going on with you lately? We never talk anymore.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [groan] I know... [sigh] I don't mean to be distant, I'm just missing Marla.
  • Danielle Cassidy: I miss her, too, Eddie... but... That's not it, is it? Not all of it, anyway?
  • Eddie Bloomberg: I'm stressed out, yeah... Just with school and the Titans on top of that.
  • Danielle Cassidy: [sigh] Well, I'm glad you bring that up... I got to say. I'm not a fan of that Victor Stone fellow. [clatter] You would think that a guy who lost like ninety percent of his body to an alien menace as a teenager would be more cautious about putting other teens in dangerous situations.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: I don't think it was ninety percent... Maybe like sixty?
  • Danielle Cassidy: Whatever. I don't like it. That's all I'm saying about that, okay? [clatter, chewing] [chewing:] That and he always acts like he's so much damn smarter than anyone else- [gulp] in the room.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: [clatter] Well, he is half computer... So he probably is smarter than the grown-ass woman who can't seem to work her e-mail account.
  • Danielle Cassidy: Hush you.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Wait... Today's not Thai day... We should be eating tacos. Why aren't we?
  • Danielle Cassidy: [nervous chuckle] Don't get upset. But I ran into that sweet Thai girl in the parking lot; you know, because the Thai place and the Taco Shack are in the same strip mall. Well, anyway, she batted those eyes at me... [sigh] and I caved... You never really hear people talking about how being turned into a demon lowers your willpower.
  • Eddie Bloomberg: Devils, Dani... [sigh] Anyway, you never hear much about people being turned into devils... at all.
  • Danielle Cassidy: [giggle, chewing, gulp] See, Eddie, this is why I larb you. [splat, gasp, giggle] Oh-ho-ho... Larb fight? It's on!

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Danielle Cassidy and Eddie Bloomberg.
  • Part of this conversation is inspired by another heroic aunt and nephew: May and Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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