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  • Cynthia Reynolds: [door closes, frantic breathing, sigh] Okay, calm down... You're good, girl. You got this. Just... breathe... [long inhale, long exhale, nervous chuckle] There you go. You're good. No one saw you. You can just walk out of here now and no one will be the wiser... No, they'll find out. I saw the Flash!
  • Cisco Ramon: [distant whistling, footsteps, clatter, footsteps, startled shout, startled scream, clatter, gasp, sigh] I'm sorry... I d- I didn't mean to scare you... it's just... This is a restricted area?
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [whisper:] Is he talking to me? He can't be...
  • Cisco Ramon: I'm sorry... [footsteps tripping over debris, groan, clatter, footsteps] Did you say something?
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [whisper:] [expletive]. He is... [nervous chuckle] I... I... I was just asking if you were talking to me.
  • Cisco Ramon: Uh... Well... [footsteps] Yes. It's just you and me in here... Who else would I-?
  • Cynthia Reynolds: Right... [nervous chuckle, scoff, giggle] Wow. How stupid must I look, huh? [giggle] I'm such an airhead...
  • Cisco Ramon: [scoff] Stupid? [gasp] [stammer:] N-n-n-no! No! I di-d-didn't mean to say that! [chuckle] It's not even what I said at all. Not that you misheard! I'm just- The fault was mine. You're not stupid. [chuckle] Neither am I... Usually... Uh... No. The only stupid thing in this room is how stupidly hot you are. [groan, face palm, nervous chuckle] No... I take it back. That, what I just said? That was stupid.
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [giggle] You're funny... Is that what the 'F' stands for?
  • Cisco Ramon: The 'F'? What 'the F'? [scoff, chuckle] I'm sorry. Which 'F' are you referring to?
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [sauntering footsteps, finger flicking ID badge] This 'F'. F. Ramon.
  • Cisco Ramon: Oh... That 'F'. That 'F' stands for Francisco. [nervous chuckle] It's... It's... Well, it's my name.
  • Cynthia Reynolds: Yeah... I kinda figured that one out, Francisco. [footsteps, clatter] Really interesting stuff you have here. Is this your job, Francisco? Do you take care of all these things or just keep inventory of them?
  • Cisco Ramon: [chuckle, footsteps] Actually, I... I do both, but, uh... Well, that's not really what my main job is here. [chuckle] I invent things. I'm an engineer and inventor. Most everything in this room was invented by me actually.
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [giggle] You know, you're cute, Francisco. Cute enough that you don't need to lie to impress me. [giggle]
  • Cisco Ramon: [nervous chuckle] Uh... Well, uh... Wow... Uh... But... No. It's not a lie... and it's Cisco. Please call me Cisco.
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [parts sliding on tabletop, body sitting on tabletop, clatter] Okay, Cisco, prove it. What is this?
  • Cisco Ramon: [rapid footsteps] Whoa, easy with that!
  • Cynthia Reynolds: [tongue clicking] No. You want it back? Tell me what it does first, Cisco...
  • Cisco Ramon: [sigh] It's a... It's a prototype sonic sedative streamer. It emits a focused pulse that hits just the right pitch to cause a person's inner-ear to- Well, it's complicated. It uses soundwaves to put a person to sleep.
  • Cynthia Reynolds: Really? That sounds cool... [sigh] It looks really complicated. I bet I'm too stupid to use it, right?
  • Cisco Ramon: [scoff] Are you kidding me? It's really easy. See you just turn it on, point, and pull the trigger there-
  • Cynthia Reynolds: Like this? [wheep, thud, giggle, clatter] Don't get up, cutie. [footsteps] I'll let myself out. [giggle, blown kiss]

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