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  • Cyber_Witch: [door opens, footsteps] This one has been introduced to assess your mental state.
  • Thaumaturgist: [scoff] Of course she would sent you... [sigh, footsteps] Truly that [expletive] has not an ounce of compassion.
  • Cyber_Witch: [mechanical whirring] Error. This one is unable to understand your meaning. Possible memory corruption. Assessing...
  • Thaumaturgist: [scoff] You remember damn well. I know you do... You're just using the wrong memory.
  • Cyber_Witch: Error, I don't understand your meaning.
  • Thaumaturgist: No. You know perfectly damn well what I mean, Haley... Furthermore, you just said "I" and not "this one".
  • Cyber_Witch: No, I didn't... [gasp] Father? [whimper, sob] What's happening to me?! Wait... My arms... What the hell happened?!
  • Thaumaturgist: [silence: 2.4 seconds, rapid footsteps] Can it be?! [clatter, embrace, whimper] Haley? Is that... Haley, are you in there?
  • Cyber_Witch: [mechanical whirring, buzz, buzz, sob] Father?! What... what happened to me? Why do I feel so... hollow and cold?
  • Thaumaturgist: [embrace, whimper, sob] Haley... Haley... It's okay. You... I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Please, forgive me, Haley! [sob]
  • Cyber_Witch: What are you sorry for, Father?
  • Thaumaturgist: [sigh] I put those memory blocks in your head. I... I thought if you couldn't remember what happened... If you couldn't feel anything, you wouldn't hurt, I used to envy what I did to you. I tried to emulate it for myself with drugs and- [sigh] Ellen.
  • Cyber_Witch: I'm confused... what are you talking about, father?! What happened to me?!
  • Thaumaturgist: I can fix this... Your blocks are failing. What we just witnessed is too traumatic, too familiar to block. If we act quick. Haley! I need you to focus! I need you to partition the last two hours of your memories and upload them to the dark web. Do it, Haley. Do it now! I need you to include a tag to it, too.... Something to catch the Oracle's attention. Haley? Haley, what's wrong? Can you hear me? Haley, speak to me!
  • Cyber_Witch: Assessment completed. Admin request canceled at 12% completion. Reporting admin's actions to this one's- [whack, thud, sparkling]
  • Thaumaturgist: [metallic clutter, sigh, sob] I'm sorry, honey. I'll fix that and then I'll fix you. [groan, clatter, body dragging across floor, body lifted, body dropped on tabletop] I'm not losing you. Not again... Now I know you're still in there. So... let's get you out, Haley. [power tools whirring]

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