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VOX Archive

  • Courtney Whitmore: Wow... I'm beat.
  • Megan Morse: Me, too... I wasn't sure we were going to get out of that one.
  • Courtney Whitmore: But we did... barely.
  • Cassandra Sandsmark: Oh, please, girls. You're exaggerating things a bit much, aren't you? I barely broke a sweat.
  • Courtney Whitmore: Excuse me, princess.
  • Cassandra Sandsmark: I'm not a princess.
  • Courtney Whitmore: Your dad's the king of the gods. Your sister is a princess of Themyscira. Face it: you're a princess.
  • Megan Morse: Yes, I would agree with Courtney's logic. [giggle] Oh, allow me to get that door for you... your majesty.
  • Cassandra Sandsmark: Whatever. [door opens] Whoa, girls... we have company.
  • Megan Morse: Please don't tell me HIVE found out where we lived because I'm too tired to care... [footsteps] Oh... Hi.
  • Courtney Whitmore: Billy?
  • Billy Batson: Hey, girls... Courtney. [nervous laughter] How was... whatever you were doing?
  • Courtney Whitmore: Me and Megan nearly died. Princess Cassie here didn't perspire much. What're you doing here, Bil- Oh no! We had a date, didn't we? I'm so so so so so so so so sorry, Billy! I totally spaced it, what with Zod-
  • Billy Batson: No... No, I get it. The world needs saving, I get that... one of those perks with having a superhero for a boyfriend, I guess... It's cool. No, seriously... Nothing we can't do again... whenever the next time is that I don't have monitor duty on the Watchtower... or work... or my own city to protect. No, its' cool. I'm cool.
  • Courtney Whitmore: Funny... You don't look good.
  • Cassandra Sandsmark: He looks like you ran over his cat. [gasp] Did we run over Mr. Tawny?
  • Courtney Whitmore: Quiet, princess! Hey, Billy... What's wrong? Are you mad I forgot about our date?
  • Billy Batson: I don't- It's just... It sounds like you girls had fun kicking bad guy butt... I would've liked to kick butt, too.
  • Courtney Whitmore: Aw, I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. [pained gasp] After you put my shoulder back in its socket. [giggle]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Courtney Whitmore.
  • Mr. Tawny is Billy's magical tiger friend.

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