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  • Fangirl: Alright, should we head up to the Sphere, Perry? I've got some introductions to do.
  • Perry H. Demon: [footsteps] Let me just grab my ukulele and-
  • Continuity Cop: [bwoop bwoop, spatial schism rupture, rush of air, footsteps] Emily Parker, you are under arrest.
  • Fangirl: Who the hell are you?
  • Continuity Cop: I am officer Buzantimu of the Department of Continuity and you are in violation of-
  • Fangirl: Wait, you're a cop?
  • Continuity Cop: Yes... a Continuity Cop, you could say.
  • Fangirl: Awesome! One second! [rapid footsteps, clatter, clatter, grunt, clatter, clatter, giggle, rapid footsteps] Look, i am a cop, too! See?
  • Continuity Cop: A nameplate? That doesn't prove you're a-
  • Fangirl: Yeah, well I couldn't find my badge. I'm sorry, I've been adrift in space for like a week and then I fell into this breach and ended up in Gotham- Not this Gotham, but a different one, and then I was tortured by the Anti-Monitor and pretty sure given an STD by his bird-faced torturer. Oh and then I was rescued by the Fanatics by poll power and left to chill for a bit inside the Fourth Wall- but that wasn't so bad as my, uh, well... let's just call her my really friendly neighbor got to spend some time- Well, no... We didn't spend much actual time together because time was frozen, but then I showed up on Apokalypse and oh! There I met Perry. Say hi, Perry... He's my sidekick! Cool, huh?
  • Perry H. Demon: Hello Officer... and technically it's Henchman.
  • Continuity Cop: Uh... Hey... And wow, Miss Parker, I think you very neatly summed up all your offences.
  • Fangirl: [nervous chuckle] Did I? Huh... Well, there's more behind you. Perry, grab on! [rapid footsteps, blipt, rush of air]
  • Continuity Cop: [sigh] Did I really just fall for that? [groan] I'll just tell Patty and Wiki that Parker wasn't home... [spatial schism]

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