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  • Vivian d'Aramis: Help us? [slow footsteps] Help us how?
  • Oliver Queen: You like this place?
  • Vivian d'Aramis: [nervous chuckle] Oui. We were just telling Dinah that-
  • Oliver Queen: [key jingling, metallic clatter on wooden table] It's yours.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [scoff] No... You jest.
  • Oliver Queen: I don't jest.
  • Dinah Lance: Eh...
  • Constance d'Aramis: [scoff, footsteps] Are you serious?
  • Oliver Queen: As a heart attack.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [scoff] There is a catch, is there not?
  • Oliver Queen: Always.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [scoff] Then let's hear it.
  • Oliver Queen: Join the Justice League.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [chortle] Now I know you are joking.
  • Dinah Lance: He's not.
  • Vivian d'Aramis: You're rich and powerful. I understand that, Monsieur Queen. We have read the articles on you. Very impressive, but surely even you do not have such power or such influence. The Hall of Justice is not open for sale.
  • Oliver Queen: Good thing I already own it, then, huh? [chuckle] Well, I think I own about thirty percent of it.
  • Constance d'Aramis: I know you are a charitable person... and very politically motivated, but-
  • Dinah Lance: He is more than that, Constance.
  • Vivian d'Aramis: I am afraid I do not understand.
  • Oliver Queen: I am the Green Arrow.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [chuckle] Oh, now you are funny.
  • Vivian d'Aramis: Wait... [footsteps, grapple, fabric rustling]
  • Dinah Lance: Hey, easy there, Viv-
  • Oliver Queen: Dinah. It's fine... Go ahead. Have a look...
  • Vivian d'Aramis: Constance, come here.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [footsteps] That is a very scarred arm there. A little too scarred for a billionaire.
  • Dinah Lance: [scoff] Oh, you haven't even seen his most impressive scars... And neither will you get to see those, ladies.
  • Constance d'Aramis: [scoff] So if he is the Green Arrow, you must be- [gasp] Canari Noir?
  • Dinah Lance: Oh, I like the sound of that... [chuckle]
  • Oliver Queen: As do I... Say that again.
  • John Diggle: [footsteps] Later. I just got word from Oracle. Miss Martian went missing sometime last night while on an op in the sewers.
  • Oliver Queen: Hmm... Would the Crimson Fox care to join the Guardian, Green Arrow, and Canari Noir on a little field exercise?
  • Constance d'Aramis: Actually it's Marten and Mink... but, uh, we did not bring our gear.
  • John Diggle: [chuckle] Try these on then. [clatter, clatter, click, beep, gasps: 2 instances] Operator sends her regards. She's a big fan...

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