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  • Superboy: Y'know, always scowling isn't a good look for you... And honestly, you're not that handsome to begin with.
  • Robin: Hey Conner... What brings you to Gotham?
  • Superboy: Cass wanted me to check up on you... We haven't seen you at the Tower much.
  • Robin: When you say "Cass"...
  • Superboy: Sandsmark. Cain's got enough drama on her plate to worry about other peoples' issues... So... What gives?
  • Robin: I'm preparing to do something, Conner... Something big and important... And I just need time to figure it out.
  • Superboy: Great! What is it?
  • Robin: Sorry, buddy... I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone. For this to work, it has to be my secret.
  • Superboy: You'd tell me if you needed my help, right?
  • Robin: You know I would.
  • Superboy: Then, that's all I need to know, Take care, Timmy.
  • Robin: Thanks, Conner.
  • Superboy: For what?
  • Robin: For believing in me.
  • Superboy: No sweat. I owed you one anyway for believing in me first.

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