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  • Eddie Dorado: [footsteps] Hey Colin... Where you been?
  • Colin Wilkes: Out.
  • Eddie Dorado: Yeah? Where's out?
  • Colin Wilkes: In the Narrows...
  • Eddie Dorado: You know you're not supposed to be there.
  • Ace: [footsteps] Colin's not supposed to be where?
  • Colin Wilkes: [sigh] The Narrows.
  • Ace: Little brother... I'm disappointed in you. Why you doin' this to yourself? Your parents are gone... You know this, yeah?
  • Colin Wilkes: Yes, but... if i don't look for them, I won't ever know for sure.
  • Ace: You can know for sure... you can trust me. 'Member when we went to the Narrows and I did my thing?
  • Colin Wilkes: Yes, Ace, I know... You scanned 'till all your face bled... but... maybe they weren't there that day. Maybe I might find-
  • Eddie Dorado: Forget them, Coll. They forgot you years 'go. Why can' you do the same, yeah? We're your family now!
  • Colin Wilkes: I don't want to live with them... I can't. They got rid of me... but I still want them to know I'm okay. I want to see them.
  • Ace: Alright, look, here's the thing. No more Narrows, Colin. Got it? If you can keep to that for two weeks, I'll have Tye and Sam take you there every other Friday... How's that sound? Is that a deal? It's that or... It's that or nothing, Colin.
  • Colin Wilkes: [sigh] Okay... Fine...
  • Tye Longshadow: Whoa, I didn't agree to this.
  • Asami Koizumi: I'm fine with it. I don't mind doing it.
  • Tye Longshadow: Fine... I'll go, too.
  • Colin Wilkes: Thanks guys... I'll be in my room. [footsteps, door opens, door slams closed]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of the Royal Flush Gang: Ace, Asami Koizumi, Eddie Dorado, and Tye Longshadow.

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