Oracle Files Cole Cash 1

Oracle Files: Cole Cash (1/2)



  • The Colony Compound, Las Vegas, NV
  • November 11th 2015, 1811 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Cole Cash: [sigh] It's been a while... hasn't it?
  • Green Arrow: Ah, there you are... [footsteps] You talking to someone?
  • Cole Cash: Not someone... The city.
  • Green Arrow: Vegas?
  • Cole Cash: Yeah... I grew up here. I haven't been back in a while... It looks different.
  • Green Arrow: When exactly were you here last?
  • Cole Cash: October 12th, 1987.
  • Green Arrow: Wow, you know the exact date? Color me impressed- Wait... That day? Oh no... Cash, listen... I had no idea.
  • Cole Cash: It's cool. Don't worry about it... I've had time to grieve.
  • Green Arrow: How old were you?
  • Cole Cash: Eighteen.
  • Green Arrow: Eighteen?! You... You're older than I am. H-How is that possible? I mean... you look good for your age.
  • Cole Cash: Yeah, tell me about it... [scoff, chuckle] What'd the paramedics say? She gonna be okay?
  • Green Arrow: The disease has progressed, but I'll see to it that she gets the help she needs.
  • Cole Cash: I'm sure her cousin Oliver Queen will help however he can. Reach out to him.
  • Green Arrow: I will... and I have. He's agreed to foot the bill for Mia's treatment as well as all the other kids we just rescued.
  • Cole Cash: Good... he's a good man. Be sure to thank him for putting me in touch with you... I couldn't have done what we did in there without your help.
  • Roulette: [heels clacking] You couldn't have done it without my help.
  • Green Arrow: You're still here? [scoff] You're brave. I'll give you that, Sinclair.
  • Roulette: I have nothing to fear, if you kept up your end of the bargain.
  • Cole Cash: [chuckle, footsteps, clatter] This USB contains all the evidence of your involvement and digits for your mother's offshore accounts.
  • Roulette: I'll take that now-
  • Cole Cash: Not so fast... [footsteps] No more kids. Do whatever you want with these ill-gotten gains, but I swear, if you harm another kid, I'll end you. Got it?
  • Roulette: [soft chuckle] Crystal clear. [clatter] Thank you, gentlemen. [footsteps, giggle] Pleasure doing business with you. [footsteps]
  • Cole Cash: [sigh] Don't lecture me, hero... I know you're not good with this arrangement, but I live in shades of gray. It's the only way I know how to work.
  • Green Arrow: [sigh, footsteps] You know, Cash... Before I wore green, I was comfortable in the dark, too. If I can change, so can you... [footsteps] Think about it.

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Roulette.
  • Story continues from VOX Box: Tommy Merlyn 1.
  • This is the aftermath of Green Arrow's rescue of his cousin Mia Dearden from Roulette's child fighting ring.
  • Roulette infected the children with MacGregor’s Syndrome, the same disease afflicting Nora Fries.

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