Oracle Files Cliff Steele 1

Oracle Files: Cliff Steele (1/2)



VOX Archive

  • Cliff Steele: I might not be th' brightest bulb in th' chandelier, but even I know that if that scientist guy popped open a black hole that big, we wouldn't be around t' talk about it.
  • Niles Caulder: "Popped open?".
  • Cliff Steele: You know what I mean.
  • Larry Trainor: Singularity... The "S" is for sssssssssuction.
  • Rita Farr: [sigh] Oh, here we go...
  • Niles Caulder: It's true that a black hole of significant size was generated...
  • Cliff Steele: Then how're we- No. How is everything still here?
  • Niles Caulder: Apparently, it wishes to negotiate.
  • Rita Farr: [silence: 5,9 seconds] Wait, what?
  • Cliff Steele: Come again?
  • Niles Caulder: It is, for lack of a better term, sentient.
  • Cliff Steele: [sigh] Of course it is... Lemme guess, it's askin fer you by name, too.
  • Niles Caulder: Might I remind you, Clifford: It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  • Larry Trainor: Oh snap!
  • Cliff Steele: Stuff it, Trainor!
  • Niles Caulder: I've already contacted Dayton. He'll meet you on-site with Jane. Unless, that is, he has a change of heart.
  • Rita Farr: Change of heart? What-
  • Niles Caulder: I now you and Steve have been talking of leaving the team, Rita... We'll talk about that after your return.
  • Larry Trainor: Fickle, thy name is Dayton. [chuckle]
  • Cliff Steele: [groan, loud footsteps] Chief, it's been all of six hours since th' last debacle, are we really gettin' involved in this, too?
  • Niles Caulder: [screentap, sigh] The Justice League still tends to confuse purpose with jingoism, The Outsiders have come to define gullibility, ARGUS is slowly choking itself to death with self-imposed red tape. As for the others, the less said the better.
  • Cliff Steele: Where th' hell'd that speech come from?!
  • Niles Caulder: I presumed you were gearing up for another of your famous "Why us" inquiries. [screentap] Why are you three still here?
  • Cliff Steele: [sigh] Nope. C'mon, Lar and Rita, we gots work t'do [door opens, loud footsteps, footsteps: 2 instances, door closes]

Trivia and Notes

  • The VOX Box was inspired/adapted from Doom Patrol, Vol. 5 #2.
  • This is a remastered version of Oracle Files: Cliff Steele 1, with extra dialogue.

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