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  • Superman: [footsteps] It's... It's nice... I guess... As far as parking lots go. It's really nice, Bruce.
  • Batman: [scoff] Just wait. There is much more to see, but let's wait for everyone before we go in.
  • Superman: Everyone? We're not just waiting for Diana?
  • Batman: No. I invited a few others... We'll see who bothered to show up.
  • Superman: Who else did you invite?
  • Batman: A couple from Star City, that speedster from Central City, and a moss covered plant man.
  • Superman: What? A mossy plant man? Seriously?
  • Batman: Don't worry about it. I doubt he'll show.
  • Superman: Where do you find these characters?
  • Batman: I spend a lot of time on the internet.
  • Wonder Woman: [wind rush, footsteps] Greetings again, friends. Is it just the three of us?
  • Superman: No. Apparently, Br- Batman invited some others to join our club.
  • Wonder Woman: Oh, how exciting. Who else? Anyone we know?
  • Superman: Two from Star City-
  • Wonder Woman: That archer and the screaming woman?
  • Batman: Yes. Green Arrow and the Black Canary.
  • Superman: They don't sound too impressive.
  • Batman: He and I trained under the same master. Trust me, he is more¬†formidable than he lets on... and as for her? Not only can her scream probably knock you out, she's almost as good a fighter as I am.
  • Wonder Woman: Almost? I heard she took you down.
  • Batman: [scoff] Nonsense. Where did you hear that?
  • Wonder Woman: Barbara... What? We talk.
  • Superman: So, Diana... Might I ask what's with the new look? Why'd you ditch the war skirt for briefs?
  • Batman: Are you one to criticize her fashion choices? You wear your underwear over your pants.
  • Superman: For the last time, they're not underwear. It's like the Kryptonian version- You know what? Nevermind! I've explained this like ten times already.
  • Wonder Woman: To answer your question, the U.S. Government created this look for me. Steve says they want to turn me into a real-life "Uncle Sam", whoever that is. I told Steve that my mother had met a great warrior named Uncle Sam, but Steve assures me this one was fictional. I'm sorry, was I boring you?
  • Superman: Not at all, Diana. I'm sorry. I was listening to some approaching sounds.
  • Batman: What do you hear?
  • Superman: A motorcycle... with it, there's two voices. A man screaming "slow down" and a woman laughing. Wait... There's also some... footsteps? I think... It's hard to tell... They are moving... extremely fast.
  • Batman: [chuckle] That's them... or three of them. [beep, rumbling] Let's go inside. They'll be here soon.

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