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  • Clark Kent: [sigh, clatter, papers rustling, clatter, distant phone ringing, clatter, clatter]
  • Lois Lane: [footsteps] You probably really hate me right now, don't you?
  • Clark Kent: [scoff, clatter] I don't hate you, Lois... [clatter] If anything, I'm... uh... happy for you.
  • Lois Lane: [dry chuckle, scoff] Yeah... I'm calling [expletive] on that, Smallville.
  • Clark Kent: [nervous chuckle] Excuse me?
  • Lois Lane: [scoff, footsteps] [expletive]... You know? Excrement from the bull? [clatter] A bull is what you call a male cow. You're a farm-boy. You know, the one with the horns, Clark. [clatter]
  • Clark Kent: Easy with- [glass shattering, sigh] My spare glasses...
  • Lois Lane: Oops? I'll, uh, write you a check?
  • Clark Kent: [sigh, clatter, cardboard sliding on wooden surface, clatter] It's fine, Lois... Uh... Thanks for "helping" me pack up my things? [footsteps] I guess, I'll see you around?
  • Lois Lane: What are you going to do now, Clark?
  • Clark Kent: Chloe thinks she can get me a job at the Star... but for now, I'm going to fly home and see the folks.
  • Lois Lane: The Star's good...
  • Clark Kent: "It's not the Planet," is what you really want to add to the end of that sentence.
  • Lois Lane: No. Not really. It goes without saying that... [chuckle]
  • Clark Kent: [sigh] Ah, thank you, Lois. I thought I got everything from my desk, but turns out I was forgetting to rub that salt in my wounds. I appreciate that. I really do... [sigh, footsteps]
  • Lois Lane: [silence: 3.2 seconds, sigh, footsteps] Hold up, Clark. Before you go, there's something I wanted to tell you.
  • Clark Kent: Don't let the door hit me on my way out?
  • Lois Lane: No. I really liked working with you... more than just this internship, but throughout college too. I know at first it was more about us jockeying to be Chloe's best friend; but along the way, somewhere in all the bantering, bickering, and oneupmanship, I found someone who could challenge me. I found someone who could push me to be better than I was before... and that person was you, Clark Kent. [scoff] Hey, you listening to me?
  • Clark Kent: [sigh] Yes, I'm listening, Lois... I'm always listening.
  • Lois Lane: Yeah, good... because I'm only saying this once, okay? You're a damn fine reporter, Clark... and... and, well... Perry White's a fool for not hiring you.
  • Clark Kent: Yeah, well... There was only that one position.
  • Lois Lane: Yeah... [sigh, nervous chuckle] You better get going, huh? What time you got to be out there?
  • Clark Kent: Be where?
  • Lois Lane: Where?! The airport... You know, Clark... Where they keep the planes? You said you were flying home, right?
  • Clark Kent: Oh, uh... [nervous chuckle] Yeah, uh... well, huh... it's... it's a later flight... Yeah, a red-eye flight...
  • Lois Lane: [scoff] That, Clark... That 'weird' aspect about you, that's why I got the job. Have a safe flight. [chuckle, footsteps] Oh, and I like the new shirt, by the way... I really think blue's your color. You should wear it more often. [chuckle]
  • Clark Kent: Yeah? You really think so? I'll... I'll remember that, Lois...

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